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Help-desk Knowledge Base Importance

Knowledge management is a concept, whereby, companies organize and present information to their customers regarding product usage.

Ingres Christens Project Icebreaker

The open source database company Ingres teamed with another open source player to deliver Icebreaker, a way to place database services on a server with no operating system required.

What Makes a Good Audio Conference Call?

When making conference calls, it’s important to make sure first of all that everyone is seeing eye to eye on the technology that’s going to be used.

Promotion via Social Networking, Search and Bookmarking
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If you have been trying to get traffic to your site without paying for it, you must know by now that participating in online communities is one of the best ways.

ChronoPay Gets Smiley With Finnish Software

European Internet payment service provider ChronoPay, announced a strategic partnership with Finnish software company Smilehouse, agreeing to add the company’s software applications to its line of products available to European clients.

Software Development Fallacies to Avoid

In this article I’m going to explain the top 10 software development fallacies my company avoids.

CRM Software is Nice, But It’s No Rosie Jetson

CRM software has evolved into a helpful tool with broad use and appeal. But it’s no Rosie Jetson. Let me explain.

Ancient Unix

I had noticed The Computer History Simulation Project some time ago, but I never got around to doing anything with it. This July Fourth, with nothing else pressing me, I decided to take a more in depth look.

W3C Advances Mobile Web Development

The World Wide Web Consortium has promoted its Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0 for website and content management system designers to Candidate Recommendation status.

Case Study on Enterprise Wiki and Blog Use

Socialtext released an update to the Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein (DrKW) case study on enterprise wiki and blog use.

CDC Software Protests M2M Buying Onyx

CDC Software isn’t happy about losing out to M2M Holdings for acquiring Onyx Software and has sent letters to the board of directors of Onyx and to the Securities and Exchange Commission to bolster its case for acquisition and is threatening to take the matter to court.

CRM Wrapup: Debuts And Deals

InfoStreet’s web-based StreetSmart suite adds CRM and sales force automation; gateway security firm IronPort opts for Click Commerce to push supply chain data to CRM; and Hong Kong-based CDC Corporation ups its offer for CRM pioneer Onyx Software.

Creating a PAD File to Promote Shareware
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Creating a PAD file to promote shareware is one of the most popular ways that shareware professionals use to promote their software on the internet.

Soffront Releases Updated CRM Product

Soffront Software has released the latest version of its CRM software, logically designated Soffront CRM version 8.6.

Tablet PC Software

There are specific operating systems that can be run on a tablet PC. Even certain old programs can work on a new tablet PC.

Oracle Bid For Portal Software Delayed

The acquisition of telecom billing software firm Portal Software looked like an easy purchase, but Portal shareholders withheld much of the stock Oracle requested with its tender offer of $4.90 per share.

SearchBlox Aims For ColdFusion Compatibility

A new tool has been released which should simplify the integration of SearchBlox Content Search Software with ColdFusion. Named the SearchBlox CFML Custom Tag, it is intended to allow ColdFusion users to directly leverage the advanced search capabilities of SearchBlox using the CFML Custom Tag.

Enterprise 2.0, SoA and the Freeform Advantage

Andrew McAfee, who first mentioned the term Enterprise 2.0 to me on December 1st 2005, provides a definition:

Salesforce.com’s Finances Fail To Impress

Salesforce.com, a maker of CRM software, generated mostly disappointing financial news in the first quarter. Revenue rose by an impressive 63 percent, but the company’s bottom line weakened, and it gave disappointing guidance. Its stock dipped by 1.6 percent as the news was released.

What Is So Great About An Email Follow Up?

If you are in business, any kind of business then it is important for you to learn how to make the customers and clients happy.

Conversation w/ Eric Mattson At MarketingMonger

Eric Mattson of MarketingMonger is on a mission to have 1,000 conversations with marketers, and to present them all as podcasts.