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More Open Source Funding – What Does it Mean?

Matthew Aslett, Matt Asay & Alex Fletcher are all writing about the increased funding that open source companies have received in 2006. Good news indeed. (Picture from robinicus919)

Google Tasting Orange For Mobiles

Phones from Google in partnership with wireless provider Orange may hit the United Kingdom starting in 2008, with the devices optimized to deliver geo-targeted Google ads from local businesses.

Review: Sage And Microsoft Business Accounting Software
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Accounting is one of the most vital processes in any business. To say the least, it is even more important than manufacturing goods and selling them.

Is The Valley Better For Software Startups?

I want to start out by saying that this is one of the more troubling articles that I’ve written for this blog.

Is Your Email Marketing Software Hurting Your Business?

Ten years ago I started my first online business venture out of the basement office of my home. I put together a Web site selling scrapbook products on my wife’s suggestion that scrapbooking was emerging as a hot niche in the crafting industry.

ArcGIS Server 9.2 Now Shipping!

No doubt you may have heard already, none the less, ArcGIS 9.2 is now shipping. Highlights of the ArcGIS 9.2 release include the following:

Sun to Serve Up Free Java

Sun Microsystems, Inc. announced the release of Java technology as free software under the GNU General Public License version two (GPLv2). The first portions of source code for Java Platform Standard Edition (Java SE) and Java Platform Micro Edition (Java ME) will be made available today.

Enterprise 2.0 in a Box

A small dream of mine came true. We’ve been preaching an ecosystem of tools for some time now. We’ve helped customers stitch them together in interesting ways.

The Patent Ploy

Microsoft to Offer Sales Support for Novell’s Suse Linux… Huh? Did I hear that right? Yep, there it is again: Linux to work with Windows.

Web App Vulnerabilities Over Buffer Overflows

This should be an eye opener to many. In September Mitre reported that web application vulnerabilities are claiming the top three spots on their CVE request list, beating out Buffer Overflows.

Adobe Announces Acrobat 8 Software
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Adobe Announces Availability of Acrobat 8 Software to Rave Reviews from Customers! It’s a great new release (we’ve been using it internally for a while and I am very impressed with this new version).

OSS Trickle Down

If I understand Dana’s point correctly here, he’s saying that as open source vendors start getting a larger part of the corporate IT budget, less money is spent on commercial vendors, thereby reducing how much those commercial vendors have to spend on R&D for future innovations.

Microsoft Sues Counterfeit Software Auctioneers

Microsoft has announced a series of legal actions taken in a continued effort to curb piracy of its widely used Windows and Office software packages. The company is specifically targeting online auctioneers who offer counterfeit or tampered versions of the software.

How to Sell Social Software
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An awful lot of social software vendors operate under the old field of dreams theory that “if you build it, they will come.”

Homophily and Social Software Design

Nat Torkington has a great post on homophily and social software design.

Project Managers: Charge for Performance to Increase Profits

You’re a stellar project manager, yet you’re only making an average wage. Well, it’s about time you make more. This article digs outlines my approach to a performance-based fee structure It won’t work for all clients, but for those it does work for you’ll see your profits soar.

Get Your Mac On With Google

The days of the Mac OS being a forgotten platform by Google’s developers have been dwindling, and the company has taken a couple of new steps toward being more inclusive of Mac users.

Europe: VARs Win With Software, Services

Solution VARs in Europe have found a bounty of over $22 billion in sales last year through services and software.

Microsoft Deploys Live Search On Nokia

Microsoft and Nokia reached an agreement that will place Live Search into Nokia’s Mobile Search platform, which will make Live Search available to users of Nokia’s high-end N Series multimedia phone and S60-compatible devices.

The Lessons of Software, Services, CRM and ERP

Applying the “P” to sales performance management and other new markets…

Thoughts on my del.icio.us Network

When the del.icio.us team recently added social networking features, I kind of groaned to myself. I didn’t look at it very closely because I was busy and half feared that I’d discover a case of annoying social software and that would make me sad.