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Kaushik Challenges ClickTracks

Avinash Kaushik has challenged Web Analytics vendor ClickTracks to release more advanced features of their free analytics product: ClickTracks Appetizer. In exchange Avinash will be teaching next week’s ClickTracks Seminar: online marketing and web analytics techniques

Google Analytics Help

Keyon Hedayati over at the Google Analytics Blog has posted about a useful option for a Google Analytics Resource: The Google Analytics Forum.

Habari: New Blog Software to Watch

What is Habari?

It’s a new group that’s building new blog software. Why do I care? Because it’ll be interesting to see what a new group comes up with and because I saw several blogs (especially on Chris Davis‘ blog) mention it today.

I’ve seen this happen several times and new companies almost always result out of the effort.

Omniture Unveils New Analytic Software
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Omniture, Inc. has announced the launch of Discover 2.0, analytic software designed to give companies the ability to visually explore large amounts of online customer interaction data in real-time.

Discover is a component of the Omniture Online Business Optimization Platform, and is a solution that Omniture claims can accomodate all levels of business users by generating everything from simple reports to more complex methods of data aggregation and analysis.

Software For Small Online Businesses
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While online sales increased during the 2006 holiday season, some small online business owners found that they missed an opportunity to increase sales because they were not prepared to sell their products or services online.

MySQL IPO, Oracle Unbreakable Support for MySQL?
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Matt Aslett writes that Oracle may be considering Unbreakable Support for MySQL and that MySQL Co. is likely to IPO later this year.

Open Up & Say Growth

Matt points to an interesting article about using an open business model.

Startups: Compete With Your Customers

Before we go too much further, let me explain a bit further what I mean when I say “competing with customers”.

Free Software – Should it Be Free?

By now, you’ve probably heard about or read Mark Shuttleworth’s view on keeping free software free. Matt Asay has a take on Mark’s post here.

Hardware Essentials for Windows Vista

Windows Vista works based on the capabilities of the hardware installed. Windows Vista Capable PCs and Windows Vista Premium Ready PCs both are geared for running Windows Vista but the experience varies with the “premium” delivering more advanced user experience.

Open Source Needs More Concerted Efforts

Major corporate houses choose open source partly due to the economic gains and mainly due to the control the open source system gives to their hands.

MySpace Develops Parental Monitoring Software

In recent times, MySpace and sexual predators have become closely associated terms in the minds of parents and lawmakers across the nation. The social networking site is currently developing software designed to allow parents to more closely monitor their children’s MySpace activities.

Open Source and Career Opportunities
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Matt Asay has some good advice for folks asking him for career advice: “Work for an open source company.”

French Politics Goes To The Blogs

The next president of France may owe the blogosphere a debt of gratitude after toiling in “la toile,” the fabric of the Internet.

Open Source Software Closer to Commercial Enterprise Software

The odds are good that the LAMP stack is running somewhere inside your company.

Opera Goes Yahoo For Mobile Search
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A year ago, Opera announced Google would be the default search provider on its mobile browser. That has changed to Yahoo, a fundamental shift that seems surprising on the surface.

User Generated Revenue As a Business Model

In 2006, we saw a lot of energy and interest in user generated content.

Software Test Automation and Strategy
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Companies are turning to automated testing tools more often than ever before to ensure that their applications are working properly prior to deployment.

YouTube Anti-Piracy Software Still Vaporware

A promise to deliver software that will detect infringing content uploaded by YouTube’s enthusiastic video sharing users has not been fulfilled.

Choosing the Right Project Management Software
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Project management continues to become an important and popular topic today. This is understandable because project management done correctly will help an organization get better at what it does, and make it more competitive.

CRM Software That Works The Way You Do

How often have you had to change the way you work to fit in with the latest software needs?

It’s a nuisance and disruptive, and frequently breeds resentment against a software solution requiring employee cooperation to achieve the desired result. Training is difficult and the implementation frequently results in failure. This is as true with CRM software (Customer Relationship Management) as it is with any other.