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Will Internet Freedom Be Preserved And Expanded In 2013?

CES 2012 was overshadowed by the looming threat of SOPA. At the time, Congressmen Ron Wyden and Darrell Issa met with the tech industry to drum up support for their SOPA alternative – OPEN. SOPA eventually was declared officially dead late last year, but Wyden is back at CES 2013 with a laundry list of proposed legislation that could affect …

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AOL Sells Patents To Microsoft for $1.1 Billion [Update]

AOL has decided to sell over 800 patents to Microsoft in a $1.1 million deal. Part of the deal includes non-exclusive rights to over 300 other advertising and technology patents as well. There is no word on exactly why AOL is getting rid of the patents, but many believe it is under pressure to regain a foot hold in the …

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