The Internet Has Been Good For Society, According to Most Americans

The Internet Has Been Good For Society, According to Most Americans

By Josh Wolford February 27, 2014

Pew Research has just unveiled the results of a massive survey about the internet to mark the 25th anniversary of the creation of the World Wide Web. It’s dense, and there’s a lot to comb through, but I think the …

The Internet’s Making Us Shy?

I’m not really willing yet to use the phrase "worldwide epidemic," it’s only a few percentage points, and well, I haven’t seen the methodology. But that is the phrase the Daily Telegraph used, so, if you’re worried about pandemics of technology-induced shyness, be prepared to hold your face and run away screaming.

Link Request Form Smells Of Elderberries
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Creating a link usually requires no more than a few clicks, but when linking to the Irish Cancer Society, a 700-word “link request form” must be filled out.  According to the group, you’ll need to print and sign that form, and then fax it to the society’s headquarters, as well.

Blogosphere Responds To Death Threats

A tidal wave of shock has swelled across the blogosphere at large in response to publicized death threats targeting well-known blogger Kathy Sierra.

Yahoo Teams With San Francisco Film Society

Yahoo Video has teamed with the San Francisco Film Society for the 50th San Francisco International Film Festival GreenWorld Contest powered by Yahoo’s Jumpcut. The two will also launch a branded video channel featuring content from the San Francisco Film Society.

From the New Communications Forum

I’m in Las Vegas, but what happens here definitely won’t stay here. I’ll blog pretty regularly from the New Communications Forum, which begins this morning with pre-conference sessions, two in the morning and two (including the one I’m conducting on podcasting) in the afternoon.

The conference proper gets underway tomorrow with a keynote by David Weinberbger. Among the sessions I’m anxious to attend:

Advanced PR Forum – Social Media Takes Center Stage

Bulldog Reporter, Advanced PR Forum, Olympic Collection, Los Angeles

Newspaper Design And Usability

Usability measures how satisfactory the user will find the experience of using a product or service. It’s as appropriate for newspapers as it is for coffee makers.

Social Networks Impact Mobile Society
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Social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook have changed the Internet and are now changing the mobile society as well. A new report from ABI Research titled Mobile Social Communities says that social networking is going to have a major impact on mobile phones.

Google Prevents Plagiarism

Google Book Search prevents authors from going down in literary history as plagiarists by offering a searchable database of books.

YouTube Dumps 29,549 Japanese Videos

Copyright concerns expressed by a Japanese rights-holders group resulted in YouTube removing thousands of videos from the popular sharing site.

Society for New Communication Research Symposium

Join us in Boston as we honor excellence in new communications and social media initiatives and celebrate our first anniversary!

Interesting Attendance at the Social Media Club

Who is paying attention to new media and online PR?

Blogging About Work Might Be A Bad Idea

Bloggers are writing about their day jobs, and it’s getting some of them in trouble. An increasing number of companies are adopting policies that would prohibit bloggers from discussing their workplace, with termination as one possible result. In most cases, the law is backing the corporations up.

DearAOL: Email Fees Are Wrong

America Online (AOL) seems to have created a tempest of backlash on the Internet regarding their recent suggestion to start charging fees for email. A number of voices in the tech industry criticized almost immediately. Now the politicos are out in force and there are a lot of unlikely bedfellows ready to give some not-so-pleasant pillow talk to the massive company. This time, it’s not a “Dear John” letter; it’s a “DearAOL” letter.

The Edelman & Holmes PR Action Figures

Richard Edelman’s and Paul Holmes’ discussion of the payola scandal are must reads.

IBM, Oracle Standardizing Web Services

Sometimes a great joke never dies. Just substitute “Web” for “Unix” in the following canonical one-liner and you’ll see what I mean: “The nice thing about Unix standards is that there are so many to choose from.”