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Intel Pulls SimpleFeed, More Into SuiteTwo

Intel Capital, the investment arm of the global semiconductor leader, brought together a number of companies into SuiteTwo, a hardware appliance containing several collaborative software applications.

Enterprise 1.0 – 2.0 Gap

Mark Masterson highlights the need for Enterprise 2.0 to work with Enterprise 1.0:

Mayfield Chats with Ramji on Port 25

When we launched SocialPoint on Monday, I had a chance to sit down with Sam Ramji of Microsoft.

SocialPoint on Sharepoint

This morning we released SocialPoint, or Socialtext running on SharePoint. At first, this may seem counter-intuitive for a company like Socialtext. SharePoint is coming out with wikis and blogs in their 2007 version, why embrace and extend? Let me give you my personal reasons.

Sales Teams Powered by Wikis

Kris Duggan recently joined Socialtext and shares some best practices for using wikis for managing sales.

Weak Online Advertising

I’m always on the lookout for weak signals for the online advertising market, the driver for the consumer internet.

Wikipedia Restored in China

I was asked by a journalist to comment on China selectively granting access to Wikipedia, so I thought I would share my response here.

Teqlo Launches

Jeff Nolan just blogged what company he left SAP for, Teqlo, which lets enterprise users as developers assemble, publish and invite.

SlideShare: the YouTube of Powerpoint

SlideShare launches today — the YouTube of Powerpoint. While Powerpoint destroys thought, so does TV. And misgivings aside, slides can be an art form in and of itself.

Pincus Punked by the Post

Mark Pincus was made an example by the Washington Post because he stuck to his principles and refused to be censored.

Jeff Nolan Leaves SAP

Jeff Nolan has moved on from SAP. He has really served as a model to follow for others working in a large company that hope to move it forward.

Wiring the Wiki

The Wired Wiki project is really coming along. The main article has over 100 edits from a diverse group, there are lots of headline suggestions and sanding of the deck.

Edit this Wired News

Last time someone tried this it was a disaster, but Wired News has boldly put an article about wikis into a Socialtext wiki for anyone to be a Wired editor:

10x 2.0

The traditional venture capital invests disruptive technologies that provide a 10 fold improvement and generate 10x return.

Enterprise 2.0 Think Tank Session

Participating today in a think tank session on Enterprise 2.0 hosted by SAP. When I asked if the event was [ x ] bloggable, they agreed, but also gave the ability for someone to say something is explicitly Not Bloggable.

Enterprise Wikimania

Sunday morning I was on a great panel about enterprise wikis with Josh Bancroft, Ned Gulley, Michael Idinopulos, Karim Lakhani and Andrew McAfee.

Wikimania II

Great to be in Boston at the second Wikimania, the Wikipedia community conference. Keynoting at the first one in Frankfurt was an honor and joy.

The Wikiwyg Project

Given the mention of the Wikiwyg project by Jimmy in his talk, I posted my own mention at Socialtext.com.

Jimmy Wales Kicks off Wikimania

Jimmy started his opening keynote by showing the Wikiality video. Today he is talking about Our Movement Past, Present and Future. This is the most difficult talk he gives all year, because it is before people who know everything he knows plus more.

Scott Gatz: Yahoo Intrapreneur

Scott Gatz is pretty stoked at the ability to be an Intrapreneur at Yahoo. He gets to make a case for a project, acquire resources and above all, innovate.

Moving to Open Source Tools & Business Processes

Many have written about how going Open Source changes your business model or sales process. Dana Blankenhorn notes that the open sourcing of Hyperic’s product changed how they work. It required them to write code for stability and continuity, as well as adopt more Open Source tools.