SocialText Brings Facebook & Twitter Into Wikis

SocialText Brings Facebook & Twitter Into Wikis

By Robert Scoble September 30, 2008

 Socialtext is making big news all over the Web this morning. Here’s a rundown, later in the post I’ll talk about why.

Corporation 2.0: Businesses Embrace Blogging
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More than half of global corporations are using Web 2.0 technologies such as blogs, online video and RSS, according to a study from Melcrum. Those that are not yet embracing such communications tools plan to within the next 12 months.

Salesforce Launches Startup Incubator

Salesforce launched an incubator for startups.  It is a similar proposition to the Socialtext Coworking space, but has a cost for the startup and is structured as a partnership program.  A BusinessWeek article interviewed me about it.

Twitter – Short, Sweet & Sleek

Alright, Twitter has suddenly attained the status of a notoriously popular Application. After being fueled by SXSW, everybody else is talking about Twitter including those who don’t even have a blog. Talks in the Blogosphere have spit out stats that Twitter got 1 million messages sent recently. Finally after about a year of its launch, Twitter has won.

Enterprise 2.0 in InformationWeek

The InformationWeek cover story is Enterprise 2.0, based on a survey of engagement:

 Despite the risks and problems, a solid minority of the 250 business technology pros surveyed by InformationWeek are behind this IT strategy push that has come to be known as Enterprise 2.0 (even if the overplayed 2.0 terminology makes some people wince). Nearly a third, 32%, describe their Web 2.0 strategies as fully engaged, our survey finds.

1 Wiki, Best of Both Worlds

Back in November, Andy McAfee shared a great wiki case study from Avenue A | Razorfish.  They adapted MediaWiki to meet their needs.  Leveraging open source, a great approach for a company that builds custom Intranets.

But Jeff Walker of Atlassian Confluence, a commercial wiki vendor, disagrees:

Wikinomics Playbook

The last chapter of Don Tapscott’s new book, Wikinomics, invites readers to write it: “Join us in peer producing the definitive guide to the twenty-first-century corporation on www.wikinomics.com.”

Open Source and Career Opportunities
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Matt Asay has some good advice for folks asking him for career advice: “Work for an open source company.”

Polar Rose: Facial Recognition Startup

While at Le Web 3, Nikolaj Nyholm told me about his new facial recognition startup, Polar Rose, which just launched.

Le Web 3: A Tragedy?

An extraordinary event took place in Paris this week, one that I was due to be part of as a presenter but could not make it.

Socialtext Unplugged

Today at Le Web 3 in Paris we launched Socialtext Unplugged, the offline wiki.

Mayfield Talks Wikis with Scoble

Robert Scoble and I spent an hour talking wikis and other stuff. The result is this video.

Socialtext Proposes Attribution Provision

When going through the process of opening Socialtext, we need to choose a license that is a fit for a commercial open source company. Commercial open source strikes the balance between freedom and profit motive, and the license you choose becomes a contract not just for the company, but a community.

New Screencast Of wikiCalc

Dan Bricklin just put up a new screencast of wikiCalc that shows off some of the features in the same release that will become SocialCalc.

Confabb Confabulation

Somewhere along the way with Socialtext, I found myself partially in the events business.

SuiteTwo vs. Blogtronix

For those of you keeping score at home, here’s a recap of this week’s exciting action in the battle of the enterprise wikis.

Enterprise 2.0 in a Box

A small dream of mine came true. We’ve been preaching an ecosystem of tools for some time now. We’ve helped customers stitch them together in interesting ways.