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Yahoo Senior Director Joins SocialMedia

With absolutely no offense intended towards SocialMedia Networks, we must say that this is a bit embarrassing for Yahoo; Richard Frankel, the search corporation’s senior director of product marketing, has become COO of the application company.

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Following FoodFight, SocialMedia Catches $3.5M

SocialMedia Networks is behind several Facebook applications, including FoodFight.  FoodFight allows users to “throw” various things, including piles of poop, at each other.  Fortunately, this app’s success is not directly responsible for SocialMedia’s recent $3.5 million round of funding.

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Pick a Good Partner for New Media Projects

Okay, so I’m continuing with some thoughts here shaking out of my recent RFP posts….

Here’s the situation: you want to starting folding social media strategies, tactics and tools into your company’s PR program, but you’re not sure how exactly you want to approach things and because of that, you’re leaning toward bringing in some outside help. Maybe you’re thinking about a consultant or a small group of specialists or even a large services firm, the tough question is this:

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Bad News Travels Faster with Social Media

Social media are the new vehicles on the Internet that allow humans to interact with each other. They’re proliferating at an incredible rate. It can be as simple as a commenting system on a blog or voting on videos on YouTube. Most humans are sociable creatures and enjoy such interactions. Not surprisingly social media are becoming more and more popular.

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