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Bing’s New Twitter Results Won’t Include Promoted Tweets

Update: A representative for Bing tells WebPronews the "Twitter monetization news will not result in sponsored results appearing in Bing results."

Original Article: Microsoft announced today that Bing now pulls in tweets from Twitter in real-time, in a way that somewhat resembles Google’s real-time search feature.

Are You Getting Your Content in Front of News Seekers?
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Getting press coverage can mean a great deal for gaining traffic and overall exposure for your business. That said, there are also ways to take some initiative yourself in getting some exposure from news search.

Google’s Aardvark and Reasons for Social Search (from SXSW)

As you may know, Google recently acquired social search service Aardvark. I attended a panel on social search at SXSW this week, in which Max Ventilla, the service’s "Head Zookeeper" talked about not only the service, but what social search means for the industry in general.

Google Talks Marketing Implications of Social Search
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It’s no secret that Google delivers personalized search results on a user-by-user basis. In fact, software engineer Bryan Horling reportedly said at SMX West in Santa Clara that Google personalizes as much as 20 percent of any user’s web searches, which would be one in five searches. One way that Google personalizes search results is with its social search feature, which it launched in January. At SMX, WebProNews discussed this feature with Google’s Johanna Wright.

Customer Connections Now Important for Google Results
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If you are one of those people still skeptical about the business uses of social media, you may be interested to know that Google’s Social Search is no longer just an experiment. Though it does have the beta tag on it, it is now mainstream. This is something we’ve all known would come sooner or later, but now it’s here.

Can Search Engine Optimization Survive Google?
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The search engine landscape is ever changing. We covered that. However, while there are multiple players involved in facilitating that change, there is one that drives it far more than the rest of the competition. Obviously, we’re talking about Google.

8 Reasons You Need to Stop Ignoring Twitter
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There have been many articles written about why to use Twitter, and we’ve certainly published our fair share of them. However, the landscape is constantly changing. New trends, ideas, applications, and features come out, and they further emphasize Twitter’s place in said landscape. Following are some reasons why it is becoming increasingly important to marketers.

Google Launches Social Search Experiment
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The experimental feature that Marissa Mayer announced last week is becoming available today for everyone to try.  Google Social Search promises to help users "find more relevant public content from your broader social circle."

The premise is simple: people value their acquaintances’ content more than that of random strangers.  So Google Social Search brings content from your social circle to the forefront, perhaps showing a friend’s or coworker’s take on a restaurant rather than (or in addition to) whatever the local newspaper reviewer had to say.

Economic Woes May Move Google To Sit On Its Money
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It’s hard to imagine the death of search as we know it, but search is changing as we speak, and unless Google finds some flexibility, the company will be at the forefront of innovation no longer. The dent in Google’s armor comes from rather surprising directions, not from Microsoft or Yahoo—both with their own rigid corporate paralysis—but from Twitter and Facebook, where users create their very own walled gardens.

Who’s Talkin’ About Social Search?
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WhosTalkin.com has launched to the public after residing in private beta for 7 months. What’s WhosTalkin.com you ask? It’s a social media search engine that allows users to search across a number of social networking sites, blogs, news sites, forums, etc. And it’s pretty cool.

Is Google Digging Itself?
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Rumors had floated for weeks Google was negotiating to buy Digg.com for purposes of enhancing Google News. But it looks like Google is already integrating Digg-like features in a surprisingly open round of testing in the search results.

With Google’s slate of engineers, one wonders why they would buy a site if they could replicate the same idea. Imagine results created by users voting them up or down, results users can comment on and rate the comments of others.

Does “Social Search” Make Sense?

As several people are reporting this morning, the search engine Hakia has added a new feature called “Meet Others,” in which you can see whether other people using the tool are searching for the same things you are.

I confess that, like Richard MacManus at Read/Write Web, I am wondering what the point of this feature is exactly. Do social networking features make any sense as part of a search tool?

How Stumbleupon’s Beating Google, Yahoo & MSN

Stumbleupon is one of may favorite social media sites, Not only can it drive traffic that matches or often exceeds that of Digg, stumbleupon users are much less critical/confrontation/judgmental than the typical Digg user.

Public Privacy and The Advent of Social Search
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Remember the old adage: It’s better to be silent and thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Means a lot coming from me, a writer, I know, but on the Internet, for people with less public jobs than my own, it might be a good thing to remember.

Social Search & Personalization

Gord Hotchkiss recently posted about how he thought personalization was Google’s trump card in social search. DigitalGhost noticed that Yahoo! hired some of the best sociology professors in the world, including Duncan J. Watts.

Social Search – The Future of Image Search

[Disclaimer: I’m CEO of Zooomr, we are building both a social based image search system as well as a stock photography platform]

Rumor: StumbleUpon To Be Acquired By eBay
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Reports surfacing about a possible eBay/StumbleUpon deal have created quite a buzz throughout the blogosphere over the last 24 hours. Forsaking the significance that such a deal could have in the silently mounting animosity between Google and eBay, the rumored details of acquisition weave an interesting tale in and of themselves.

Headlines on the acquisition front have, by in large, been dominated by Google over the last six months, starting with the company’s highly publicized and now much scrutinized purchase of YouTube.

SES: Humans? That’s HOT

SES New York reached out to attendees in one session where moderator Chris Sherman enabled the conversation on social search.

Social Search – The Next Big Thing?

Search technology has been marked by a few big leaps in its history. What began with relatively crude algorithmic analysis of the content of individual pages was improved dramatically by Google’s sophisticated use of off-page criteria, notably PageRank and link anchor text analysis.

While refinements continue – Google now reportedly uses more than a hundred or two criteria in its rankings, held together by complex weighting schemes – the basic nature of search technology hasn’t changed much lately.

Is Search Going Social?

Finding true relevance in search results is becoming the new focus of users who are looking to the web for their information needs. For years, the algorithm has been the standard method that search engines have employed to determine relevance and deliver comprehensive results. Social search, however, could represent a change in search philosophy.

Even though Google prides itself with impressive algorithms and the latest in anti-spam technology, are search engines like Google truly succeeding at delivering results that are relevant to search terms?

Yahoo And Social Search

Social search is a big market, and Yahoo, according to Thomas Hawk, may be floundering it. Other people feel that the company is doing all right in terms of social search, although they admit that its strategy could use some tweaks. This one subject aside, most onlookers can agree that Yahoo has been floundering in a lot of respects.