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Google Analytics Gets New Social Reports

Google announced today that it has redesigned Google Analytics social reports, adding two new ones for Data Hub Activity and Trackbacks. Activity in social reports comes from Google’s Social Data Hub partners. “The activity stream was previously available via drill down from the Network Referrals or Landing Pages reports,” says Google Analytics product manager Linus Chou. “We have now made …

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Google Analytics Social Reports Move To Traffic Sources

Google recently announced some new social reports, and now the company has announced that it’s consolidated the locations of social reports in general. Specifically, the Social Engagement, Social Actions, and Social Pages reports, which were previously listed in the Audience section, can now be found in the Social section under Traffic Sources. “Users now have access to both onsite behavior, …

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Google Analytics Social Reports Get Backlink URLs, Post Titles

In March, Google announced the release of new social reports in Google Analytics. These included an Overview Report, a Conversion Report, a Social Sources report, a Social Plusgins report, and an activity stream tab. Today, the company announced some further expansion of social reports. Google’s now showing backlink URLs and post titles within the social reports. “The concept of trackbacks, …

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