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RentSocial: The Facebook Of Apartment Hunting

I currently live in an apartment complex. My lease ends in July and I’m already on the hunt for a cheaper place closer to where I work. I’ve been using those clunky apartment finder Web sites and they just don’t do it for me. RentSocial says its here to make my life easier. RentSocial is a brand new startup – …

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Implicit Social Graphs Rise From Interest Not Location

There has been a ton of conversation about social graphs, location and photo sharing lately. Most of this conversation has arisen due to the release of the photo-sharing application Color. The photo-sharing part of the discussion is only a gateway to the larger discussion of social graphs. I have been looking at the basic location-based applications a lot as well. …

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Facebook Lets Site-Owners Target Content Based on Individual “Likes”

Did you know you can publish content directly to people that click the "like" button on any piece of content on your site?

A recent post on the Facebook Developer blog discusses just that. "As part of Operation Developer Love, we are are continuing to update our documentation," said Facebook’s Ankur Pansari. "Recently, I was talking with some developers in New York, and they were surprised to learn that they could publish updates to people who have liked their Open Graph Pages."

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