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Relationship Marketing: A Long Term Strategy for Social Media

When social media really began to come on the scene, the entire basis of social networks was built upon interactions and connections. However, as it grew in popularity, marketers began to see its value and started embracing it. Although many businesses have seen great success with integrating social media into their marketing campaigns, it seems that the level of real social interactions has decreased.

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Shifting From Social Media To Social Business

When someone uses social media platforms for personal use, the focus is simply about updating your followers about what is happening in your life or sharing cool content. For businesses, social media is a much trickier nut to crack. This is why businesses need to change their focus on how they use social media, by adopting the idea of “social …

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Become a Social Business, Not Just a Social Brand

Many businesses utilize social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to communicate their brand message. This marketing method has worked so well that a lot of businesses have even dropped some of their traditional marketing practices to focus more on their social efforts. But, does this make a business social?

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