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Social Networks and the Importance of Trust
2008 will be the year of business networking, says Bernard Lunn, who offers six predictions about some of the social networks that are getting a lot of attention at the moment – Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing and Plaxo.

Target’s Social Media Not a Bullseye

With mine and Jim’s previous posts about Wal-Mart’s missteps in social media, I couldn’t resist the temptation to share a little about Target, who has recently been caught as it is learning its lesson on transparency and disclosure.

Social Media Release Useless?

Greg Jarboe of SEO-PR started the trial over at Search Engine Watch, taking all proponents of the SMR to task and declaring that social media releases are a meatball sundae – a phrase from Seth Godin’s new book on marketing. 

Off to Speak at SES Chicago

Brrr!  I am off to Chicago in the morning to speak at SES. Temperatures below freezing and snow already on the ground.  For a little African lizard like me used to blazing heat it’s way too cold.  I bought myself some thermal underwear and pulled out my down parka and off I go.

Mythbusting Social Media

In my work here at a social media agency, I’ve been noticing recurring trends in false perceptions and misconceptions of social media and social media marketing from new prospects and clients alike.

Social Suggestions for Google Reader

I know Google’s been trying to get more involved in the social game, but here are a few suggestions on how they can make the integration a little more seamless, and I’m totally name dropping Mihai Parparita so he catches this one ego surfing.


Currently when you mail yourself something you get this at the bottom of the email

7 Blog Promotion Techniques

A reader asked me a question that I found quite intriguing, “How do I get people to find my blog posts?

How Do You Measure Social Media Marketing?

Nathania Johnson recently tagged me to respond in her post “A Meme about Measuring Social Media Marketing” – asking me to answer the question that is plaguing us all these days regarding the best way to measure social media marketing.

Social Media Releases & Meatball Sundaes

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, you have been presented a case as to whether or not the Social Media Release is nothing more than a

Social Websites Challenged By Spam

Just as social sites start to gain or build their target audiences, spammers may rush in and ruin those initiatives.

Privacy Backlash Hits Social Networking

Aggressive advertising, unwanted friends, and employer-snooping into social networking profiles may dull the edge of being on sites like Facebook and MySpace.

VibeAgent: Travel Mashup With Social Networking

I read about this one in the USA Today… a new travel mashup that incorporates a little social networking enabling users to setup a more web20-ish profile, save trips, search for travel related info, join groups etc…

Social Media Thanksgiving List

In the spirit of the season – we’ve compiled a few things we are thankful for around here at Ignite.

The Social Media Playbook

Muhammad Saleem has written a great introductory guide on how to approach social media.

SocialSpark: Changing the Social Media Landscape

I was recently invited to participate in a panel discussion titled, “What Advertisers Want” at the PostieCon conference in Las Vegas, hosted by Payperpost – which has recently changed their name to IZEA

LinkedIn Growing More Quickly than Facebook

Nick O’Neill has an interesting post on his very good “Social Times” site. (How, by the way, does he find time to post so much??)

Hoity-Toity Social Networks; Nobody Told Me

It was only a matter of time before the pinkies went up along with the gates. Social Networking may have egalitarian roots, and the masses can gather at the public pool if they want – if you want into certain places, you’ll have to bring your Members Only jacket.

Fastest Growing Social Network

Quick, what’s the fastest-growing social network over the last year?

MySpace? Nope. Facebook? Nope. Bebo? Now, let’s be serious. According to Nielsen Online (and Fortune), it’s . . . LinkedIn.

Will Yahoo Mail & iGoogle Become Social Networks?

Yahoo has long realized that their strength laid in their already-strong web properties: their portal and their email service.

Nonprofits Outpacing Businesses on Social Media

Charities are often more savvy than businesses when it comes to using social media – especially blogging. The Center for Marketing Research looked at the top 200 largest US charities as defined by Forbes Magazine. They found that seventy-five percent of the charities are using some form of social media.

Social Networking Site To Sell Tickets
· 1

Social networking site Going.com said it would begin allowing its users to buy event tickets directly from the site starting with a Moby concert this week.

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