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Podcasting Trends of 2006

PodZinger has published the results of a study, revealing the top searches and trends on its site for 2006. The statistics showed that sports, talk personalities and world news topped audio search, while current events and pop culture accounted for the majority of online video searches.

Blogger Rules Dismissed, Cuz We Say So

People are busy. Email piles up. Probably why some of the prominent bloggers I solicited for a response to a British proposal that somebody regulate these free-wheeling, free-speaking modern yarn-weavers were too late for an earlier article. Shows what a swell, free market of ideas guy I am – and how nicely updatable Internet content is. Here’s a follow-up with those responses from people you know.

Soccergirl: Breast Activist and Podcaster

It’s not like topless girls are a new attraction on the Internet – for some, that’s the only reason to bother. But what if nudity was just an artistic statement, a protest, a backdrop to what was really being said? Podcaster/vidcaster Soccergirl, a.k.a. Anni, is more of a breast activist than a blatant nudist, but that’s beside the point.