Microsoft’s Soapbox Headed For The Wastebin

Microsoft’s Soapbox Headed For The Wastebin

By Doug Caverly July 21, 2009

It looks like Microsoft may be narrowing its focus in the field of video-sharing.  MSN Video will live on, but Soapbox is bound for the trashcan.

Soapbox was often referred to as a YouTube clone with stricter views on copyright.  It was responsible for only a small percentage of Microsoft’s overall video streams, and of course even that total doesn’t compare favorably to the numbers posted by sites like YouTube, MySpace, and Hulu.

Microsoft Tells Hollywood To Avoid Filtering

The technology YouTube has in mind to detect and filter content will be a bad deal for the studios, and Microsoft has quietly asked powerful Hollywood honchos to skip it in favor of another option.

Microsoft To Go After YouTube With Revver?

Some people would assert that Google launched an assault on Microsoft earlier today; others would just say that the search engine giant launched a paid version of Google Apps. Either way, Microsoft may have a ready response: reports indicate that the company could take aim at YouTube by acquiring Revver, another video-sharing site.

Soapbox Launches Messenger Integration

Today the MSN Soapbox Team have launched a new activity feature that will alow you to watch Soapbox videos on Windows Live Messenger in real-time with your friends.

Microsoft Enters The Soapbox Derby

Microsoft makes the announcement that it’s online video uploading site Soapbox will not be part of the Windows Live brand.

LibSyn Provides The Podcaster Soapbox

Liberated Syndication is a service that, like many of the other companies at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo, removes the barriers from entering into the podcasting or vlogging world – all the barriers, except, a podcaster’s own shyness. The guys that run the company are the antithesis of shy, and will even provide the soapbox on which to stand.

Microsoft Looking At Incentives For Soapbox

AdWeek reports that Microsoft is considering what kind of incentives it can offer for those who make heavy use of its Soapbox video storage/sharing service.

Flash Media on the Web

With the advent of what appears to be a ‘media boom’ on the Internet, I think it’s time for a reminder about accessible media on the web.

Microsoft enters user generated video race

Microsoft has launched user-generated video content area Soapbox, in beta, on the MSN Video site (again a bit late bill) .

Microsoft Jumps on YouTube Bandwagon

YouTube has made online video so cool, that Google, Yahoo and now Microsoft wants in on the act.

Microsoft Lifts Video Onto A Soapbox

The company released a beta version of its YouTube competitor called Soapbox to users of MSN Video, and noted it will be integrated with various services like Windows Live Spaces and Live Messenger.