Maggie Siff Talks About SOA Season Finale [Spoiler]

Maggie Siff Talks About SOA Season Finale [Spoiler]

By Jennifer Curra December 11, 2013

Fans of the popular Sons of Anarchy witnessed the tragic death of another character during the finale for season 6. Tara’s decision not to participate in the witness protection plan ultimately influenced the events that led to her untimely death. …

SOA: Assistance with JBI Application Integration

The methodology of Enterprise Integration has advanced to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) because of its ability to weave disparate applications and services to produce a business structure where data can flow as a business process.

SOASTA Founder Talks SOA and Services

Ken Gardner is founder and Executive Chairman of SOASTA, a privately-held technology company focused on developing visual software tools for the testing, certification, and demonstration of SOA-based systems.

Webify SOA Ok With IBM

IBM has purchased the Austin-based company and plans to integrate its technology with the WebSphere brand under IBM’s Software Group.

Web Developers Can Thrive In SOA

Service-oriented architectures have gained in mindshare and adoption, and require the support of a diverse team to make them useful to their target audience.

Ingres, BEA Partner On SOA

Ok, the way to SOA with the Ingres database and BEA is to go and download today Ingres, BEA Workshop Studio, and the Eclipse SDK.

J2EE Seen In Oracle’s SOA 2.0 Vision

A combination of Java Enterprise Edition 5, aka J2EE, and Oracle’s Project Fusion middleware components will build the service-oriented architecture (SOA) of Oracle’s future.

Enterprise 2.0, SoA and the Freeform Advantage

Andrew McAfee, who first mentioned the term Enterprise 2.0 to me on December 1st 2005, provides a definition:

IBM Polishes SOA Blitz With AJAX

Over the next few months, IBM is launching a massive set of products and services to bolster implementation of service-oriented architecture in businesses that use WebSphere software. Of particular interest to many is the deployment of the new WebSphere Portal using AJAX.

DreamWorks Imagines Linux Development SOA

Hewlett-Packard announced DreamWorks would implement a service-oriented architecture (SOA) solution based on Linux.

Sun Wanders Down The SOA Path

Sun Microsystems has made a new Service Oriented Architecture practice available to bolster SOA solutions.

OASIS Takes Another Step on SOA

OASIS, the consortium of electronic business mega corporations, takes another step in its goal of international standards for the internet world. They announced the development of a committee to create a reference model for service-oriented-architectures (SOA-RM).

Talking about SOA’s and Indigo over on Channel 9

It’s unusual for me to post videos on Channel 9 on Sunday morning, but then, the folks I work with are passionate about these two topics…

Service Oriented Architecture: The Right Side Up

When technologies begin their ascent up the hype curve, typically there’s a lot of opinions, confusion and nonsense. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is no different in this regard. I’d like to try and demystify the whole SOA world and debunk some of the myths that are being propagated about how SOA can and cannot help in solving real computing challenges.