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Powdered Alcohol Coming To Stores In Fall

In fall of this year you’re going to be strolling through the booze section of a Safeway and notice a little black package labeled “Palcohol” – powdered alcohol you can mix with water, liquids, and food. Yes, food. This week, The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau signed off seven flavors of Pacohol: V (vodka), R (rum), Cosmopolitan, Mojito, …

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Snorting Smarties Warning: Can Cause Nasal Maggots

Snorting Smarties. That’s what the kids are up to these days. Last Thursday, parents of students at Portsmouth Middle School in Rhode Island were sent an email warning them about the dangers of snorting crushed up Smarties candy (you know, that chalky-sweet staple of elementary school Halloween parties?). But here’s the bad part: while it won’t get you high, Smartie-snorting …

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