Snocap Articles

Napster Founder’s Snocap Melts

Shawn Fanning’s post-Napster endeavor has fared poorly, with layoffs and "For Sale" signs the order of the day.

MySpace Cuts In On Record Label Turf

Musicians may finally have a way to bypass the recording contract holy grail that up-and-coming artists have perpetually sought for decades.

New Napster Signs 4th Music Deal

Snocap, the digital media company founded by former Napster pioneer Shawn Fanning inked a deal with Warner Music Group Corp. one of the world’s largest record companies, to allow the authorized distribution of WMG’s music across Snocap-enabled retail services. The deal with Warner means that snocap has now allied with all four of the world’s largest record companies, including EMI Plc., Sony BMG, and Universal Music.

Snocap Defrosts Digital Music Registry

The company that wants to be the digital rights manager for peer-to-peer networks (P2P) opened its registry today.

Snocap Icing Deals With Major Music Companies

EMI joins Universal and Sony in signing up for Shawn Fanning’s new digital content licensing and copyright management service.