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Marcia Brady Reimagined: How Danny Trejo Transformed

Marcia Brady is one of the most recognizable faces of comfortable, soothing retro television. As a member of The Brady Bunch, Marcia Brady was everyone’s favorite, many times to the disdain of little sister Jan. Danny Trejo is a gnarly, terrifying action star who has worked for years to hone his image to perfectly unapproachable. So, how did Danny Trejo …

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‘Brady Bunch’ Featured in Snickers Super Bowl Ad

Members of The Brady Bunch appear in a Super Bowl ad sponsored by Snickers. Florence Henderson and the late Robert Reed as Mike and Carol Brady appear at the start of the ad, in a conversation with their teenage daughter Marcia–played by Maureen McCormick–but initially in the form of Danny Trejo. The Hollywood Reporter says Snickers teased the ad last …

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King-Sized Candy: It’s Still Out There

In 2012 Mars Inc., the company that makes Snickers, Twix, M&Ms, and Dove chocolate bars, made a plan to stop selling king-sized candy, or products that have more than 250 calories per serving. Though some questioned whether this had to do with the price of cocoa, Mars insisted that it was a part of a health and nutrition effort. “Mars …

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