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Snake Eating Croc Actually Not Rare Occurrence

If people who don’t care for all things huge, creepy and dangerous needed yet another reason to steer clear of Australia, this would be it. Several bystanders at Lake Moondarra witnessed an enormous water python devouring a small crocodile in a shocking display of food chain action. Mother Tiffany Corlis was having breakfast near the lake on Sunday when some …

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Snake Eating Croc: What Else Can Snakes Eat?

Photos of a giant snake swallowing a crocodile have gone viral. The snake attacked the crocodile and the two battled for several hours before the snake overpowered the mighty croc and began to swallow it whole. A photographer enjoying lunch at Lake Moondarra, near Mount Isa in Australia, was able to snap a few photos of the battle. While a …

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