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Dog Buries Puppy, Not “Heartbreaking” as Some Assume
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It didn’t take long for the “dog buries puppy” thing to trend. Long story short: A dog “somewhere in [the] Middle East,” as the Daily Mail describes it, came across a deceased puppy in a ditch, then spent a few …

Twinkies, Other Hostess Snacks to Return on July 15 Twinkies, Other Hostess Snacks to Return on July 15
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Last year, snack food lovers dismayed as cake manufacturer Hostess filed for bankruptcy. The company eventually shut down production and stopped producing its snacks, which include classics such as Twinkies and Ding Dongs. As the company went under, collectors and …

Frozen Pizza Recall Expanded Over E. Coli Concerns
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Back on March 28, Rich Products Corporation issued a recall for Farm Rich-branded products such as Mini Quesadillas, Mini Pizza Slices, Philly Cheese Steaks, and Mozzarella Bites. The recall was issued over concerns that the food could be contaminated with …

Ding Dongs And Twinkies Are Now Collector’s Items On eBay
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You may have read the news this morning that Hostess is shutting down after decades of making Twinkies, Ho Hos, Ding Dongs and other assorted snacks. It’s sad to lose such an iconic company and the associated jobs, but some …

Snack&Munch: The First Online Vending Machine Snack&Munch: The First Online Vending Machine
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For those who’ve maintained the idea ecommerce has it’s limits, meet Snack&Munch. This start-up company has been receiving a lot of hype, being featured on both NBC.com and Mashable. The site is quite simple: Choose 24 snacks from a selection …