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SMX: The Giant Focus Group
"I wish…." or "If only they would….", if many of you have undergone or said these words, this was the opportunity to tell it directly to representatives from the major search ad providers. What should they fix? What new features should they provide? Come lobby for the changes you want, with others to take up your cause, if you’ve got that great idea.

SMX: Better Ways
Search Engine Land’s Danny Sullivan took the chair as moderator for the round, where the discussion was on "Better Ways of Keyword research. Link building. Page titles. Yawn. You know the fundamentals of SEO cold. Still, no one knows everything. Been wondering if there’s a better way to get something done? Put it to our panel of experts!"

SMX: Pump Up Paid Search
Once again, the diligent Jeffrey K. Rohrs,(VP of Agency & Search Marketing for ExactTarget), takes up Moderator duties for the second times on Pump Up Your Paid Search! Which discusses ‘tips and techniques designed to help pros get even more out of their paid search campaigns’.

SMX: Penalty Box Summit
The opening lines of the session is “Had a site hit the search engine penalty box? In this session, search engines share the latest on how they give you official signs of this, along with reinclusion procedures. The session includes lots of time for audience-driven discussion on penalties and how procedures might be improved.”

SMX: Is Bid Management Dead?
The second day of SMX 2007 begins on a more serious not, a debate on "Is Bid Management Dead?". Jeffrey K. Rohrs, VP, Agency & Search Marketing, ExactTarget on Moderator’s duties starts off the subject with panelists Robert Ashby, Microsoft (formerly Director of Search @ Expedia); Peter Hershberg, Managing Partner, Reprise Media; Misty Locke, President & Co-Founder, Range Online Media and Chris Zaharias, Senior Vice President, Strategic Initiatives Efficient Frontier.

Chossing Between SMX & SES

A post from Rand Fishkin from SEOMoz says that Incisive Media (guys who run Search Engine Strategies) wants to introduce a speaker exclusivity agreement.

SMX Video – Can you Spot Tamar Weinberg?

SERoundtable’s Tamar Weinberg didn’t want to be on camera. Not sure why, but despite begging, she just didn’t want to be on video. Anyway, while filming the SMX Expo hall, we think we caught her on film. Take a close look and see if you can spot her…

A Few Photos From SMX

We took lots of photos at SMX Advanced. Here’s a selection:

SMX Video – Sullivan Strips at Cutts’ Request

Before Danny Sullivan sat down for the “You & A” with Google’s Matt Cutts, Matt asked Danny to strip off his business suit. Danny removes his entire suit!

SMX: Things Can Only Get Better
· 2

It was question and answer time again at Search Marketing Expo, with a panel of pros taking questions on better ways to do things when it comes to optimizing for search.

SMX Video – Scott Hendison

Scott Hendison asked Matt Cutts why he had pulled up a webmaster’s list of owned domain names, when conducting a site review at a previous conference. Does Google’s algorithm consider your other domain activities?

SMX Video – Cutts on Supplemental Index

Google’s Matt Cutts was asked to explain how a site could get out of the supplemental index. SMX only allows me to share one minute of footage, so here’s the key point from Matt.

Ask.com UI Video Demo from SMX

By now, you should have heard that Ask.com has radically changed their user interface. They’re taking a bold step in overhauling the way people interact with a search engine, creating a 3 panel view of your search query.

SMX: Boundaries Of The Penalty Box

If you don’t want to land in the proverbial search engine penalty box – or if you’re already there and want to get out – there are signs to look for and steps to be taken.

SMX: Boundaries Of The Penalty Box
“SMX: Boundaries Of The Penalty Box”
SMX: Boundaries Of The Penalty Box

SES Says No Speaker Exclusivity Planned

Whispers about potentially requiring speakers at Search Engine Strategies conferences to not speak at competitor shows have been dismissed as untrue.

SMX Day 1: Meet Satya Nadella Of Microsoft
Danny Sullivan introduced keynote speaker, Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s Corporate VP, Search & Advertising Platform Group, as a 15 year old. To which the calm man only smiled. Who would have thought the man would look more at ease as more questions fired his way.

SMX Day 1: Duplicate Content Summit
Moderated by event organizer Danny Sullivan he gave a brief introduction of the panelists (Vanessa Fox (Google), Amit Kumar (Yahoo! Search), and Peter Linsley (Ask.com), and Eytan Seidman (Microsoft), like the geeks in the room needed to be reminded.

SMX Day 1: You & A
The highly anticipated Search Marketing Expo started on a light note with Expo organizer Danny Sullivan hosting the ‘You & A” with everyone’s favorite Google Guy, Matt Cutts.

Inside SMX Seattle

SE Round Table’s Tamar Weinberg provides an in-depth analysis of the first day’s events at the 2007 Search Marketing Expo in Seattle.

From China to SMX
This is my first post since returning from China. I have to say that it was good to be home. In the plane flying over British Columbia, I had a new appreciation for the vast amounts of land with nary a human in sight.

SMX: The Fear Hits Personalized Search
· 1

People want better search results, but the personalization technology that can enable it may be a little scary to the privacy-conscious.

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