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SMX: Extra! Extra! The Social News Sites
Digg, Netscape, Reddit, Newsvine and others allow community members to share and rate news stories.

They are primary news sources and influential outlets that must be considered by marketers. But don’t expect to post your old-school press release and get a good response! Learn how these sites work and how to best tailor your message for maximum visibility on them.

SMX: Care And Feeding Of Social Networkers

"Effectively Leveraging Social Networking" panelists at SMX Social Media in New York suggested an attentive approach to attracting visitors from those sites.

SMX Social Media: Social Bookmarking

At the SMX Social Media Conference panelists spoke about tagging and social bookmarking.

SMX Social Media: 12 Tips For Dealing With Digg

On average, a story making it to the front page of Digg.com gleans 129 links and generates over 10,000 visitors per hour to a website, or so say the experts at the SMX Social Media event in New York.

SMX Social Media: Hi, Linkbait Chum

At the SMX Social Media conference in New York City, panelists discussed the murky topic of social media sites, and how to draw traffic from them to your site.

SMX Goes Social

Search Engine Land will host the first annual SMX Social Media conference next week in New York. The event will take place Tuesday October 16 and Wednesday October 17. WebProNews will be there covering the event and will offer same day video interviews of the speakers.

SMX Denver Day 1 Recap

At the end of Day One of SMX Local & Mobile Search marketing conference at the Denver Hyatt, I’m tired of the emphasis on the "Local Search" aspect and want to hear more on the "Mobile Search" half of that equation.

SEM Bogus for Sites That Don’t Function
While there are bugs in the Beta version of Sphinn, that doesn’t seem to be stopping search engine marketers from racing over to try Danny Sullivan’s Sphinn.com I visited twice and haven’t joined because I’m disappointed there’s no place for me there.

Ways Webmasters Create Duplicate Content

At the recent SMX Advanced Conference in Seattle one of the big sessions was on duplicate content. There is great blow by blow coverage in posts by Vanessa Fox and by Chris Boggs.

The Best of SMX

Don’t have time to read our extensive SMX Advanced coverage? We still want you to be able to get something out of the conference, so here’s the best of SMX Advanced, from tips to soundbites and everything in between.

New Google Toys

First, Google comes out about their video fingerprinting tool (we mentioned it earlier this week)

(via Barry Schwartz at SEL)

SMX: Matt Cutts & Tim Mayer

While I was out at SMX Advanced, I sat through the penalty box summit. As always, Tim Mayer and Matt Cutts had a few interesting things to say.

SMX: Pumping up Paid Search

Moderated by Jeffrey K. Rohrs, VP, Agency & Search Marketing, ExactTarget

SMX: Bid Management Debate

Moderated by Jeffrey K. Rohrs, VP, Agency & Search Marketing, ExactTarget

SMX: Satya Nadella Keynote Conversation

This session featured Satya Nadella, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Search & Advertising Platform Group, interviewed by Search Engine Land editor-in-chief Danny Sullivan about Nadella’s role and plans for Windows Live Search and Microsoft adCenter.

SMX: Personalized Search – Fear or Not?

Despite the session’s title, the Q&A quickly devolved into less of a discussion of “Fear or Not” and more into “Why did you do this to us, Google?!” (Followed closely by the response, “You’re not normal. Er, a regular user.”)

SMX: Cutts on Themes and Latent Semantic Indexing

Having worked closely with latent semantic indexing, during my time at FI, I’ve become a big advocate of making sure you have structured themes in your content, and that you include a supporting cast of semantically connected keywords.

In this clip from SMX Advanced, Matt Cutts shares how Google is continually testing the use of LSI, and keyword themes.

SMX: Fishkin’s Favorite Social Networks

We’ve already provided an in-depth overview of the SEO meet SMM session, but we’ve still got lots of great video to share with you. In this clip, SEOmoz’s Rand Fishkin reveals his top 3 social networking sites for traffic and link generation.


Ready to get more out of social media? The leaders in social media marketing dish on how to get in on the action–everything from why to where to how.

SMX: Matt Cutts You & A

Renowned Google Matt Cutts sat down with Danny Sullivan and the SMX Advanced attendees for a Q&A session.

Here are some of the highlights–and since it’s Friday afternoon, here’s a bit of a twist for you. (Don’t worry, unless you really like these, I’ll be putting the rest of my notes up in a more straightforward format in a little while.)

SMX: Beyond the Majors
The second day’s last session, Beyond The Majors where Jeffrey K. Rohrs joins us again as moderator with speakers Scott Greenberg, SVP, Advertising Services, Marchex; Anton E, Konikoff, Founder and CEO, Acronym Media; Matt Greitzer, Director of Search Marketing, Avenue A|Razorfish; T. J. Kelley, VP, Marketing, LookSmart and Tom Paraboschi, Director of Advertising Sales and Agency Relations, MIVA.

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