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Search Marketing Goes Holistic
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Holistic. It is what it pretty much sounds like: a focus on the whole, rather than one piece of the whole. At SMX West, the discussion surrounding search is no longer just about securing your place in a same-for-everybody top-ten list of search results. The discussion is about being everywhere; it’s about establishing a case for digital omnipresence.

SMX West: Social Media And The SEO

Fickle yet valuable, traffic from social media sites represents a way of generating lots of page views in a very short, and profitable, period of time.

SMX West: Managing Your Online Rep

Managing your organization’s online reputation is no easy feat. It takes a lot of organization and keen eye for strategy. There are lots of people, in-house and out, that are talking. Marketing Pilgrim’s Andy Beal has some tips for knowing who’s saying what about you.

(Coverage of the SMX West Conference continues at WebProNews Videos. Keep an eye on WebProNews for more notes and videos from the event this week.)

SMX West: Personalized Search Taking Stage

When someone searches for the term "dog," they’re very likely interested in our furry friends.  But a few folks might be curious about digital on-screen graphics, and won’t want to dig through stuff about rottweilers and retrievers.  So personalized search remains as important as ever.

SMX West: The Big Guys Look At Blended Search
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Whether you’re looking up a pizza parlor’s address, a picture of J.F.K, or a video of Maria Sharapova’s dog, the big names in search want their main engines to help you out.  A session titled "The Blended Search Revolution" looked at how they’ll do this.

SMX West: Yahoo To Launch Open Search Platform

Amit Kumar of Yahoo spoke about the company’s plans to create an open search platform to allow site owners to provide their most relevant content to searchers.

SMX West – Keynote by Louis Monier

Louis Monier gives keynote on Day 2 of SMX West 2008

Day 2 of SMX West 2008 was kicked off with a keynote by Louis Monier, formerly with Google, eBay and Alta Vista and currently Vice President of Products for Cuill, an up and coming search property.

Monier made it clear that his address would be on search history and future aspects and not on Cuill.

SMX West: Local Search Blends At Home
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Local search figures prominently in predictions for the future success of online ads. Businesses should start now at gaining good placement for local searches.

SMX West – Blended Search Advice

David Bailey at SMX West

Just a quick post here on some simple tips that David Bailey of Google advised in this morning’s session on “The Blended Search Revolution” at the SMX West conference in Santa Clara:

SMX West: Tasty Blend Of Search, Retail
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Universal search presents retailers an opportunity to reach searchers with more information than a few words of plain text.

SMX West: Universal Search Abides, Dude

The big thing in search brings more than text to searchers. Images and video figure in the universal search plans of the major engines.

SMX West – Danny Sullivan’s Keynote

Danny Sulivan's keynote at SMX West

Danny Sullivan giving his keynote address at SMX West 2008 in Santa Clara, CA. He discussed the evolution of search from strictly web page results to the current blended results that he refers to as Search 3.0 and the coming Search 4.o, personalized search.

SMX West – Search Bowl Winners!

The Google team won the SMX West 2008 Search Engine Bowl

The Search Bowl capped off the first day of SMX West 2008 with Danny Sullivan moderating a search history game show style competition between teams from the Big Four search engines – Google, Microsoft, Ask and Yahoo! – along with an SEM All-Stars team.

Well, as usual, Google kicked butt and took home the trophy.

SMX – Search Marketing Expo

Search Marketing Expo West is three-day search engine marketing conference, organized by Third Door Media. Beginning from February 26 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, the conference will cover topics that involve not only fundamental and basic issues, but also up-to-date topics on future developments, forward-looking keynotes from leading authorities in search marketing and technologies.

Conversion Funnels in Web Analtyics

I have a few quick notes of things I wanted to mention before I dive into more discussion of Form Abandonment and Conversion Funnels.

With the new year kicking off I have a whole raft of interesting speaking gigs coming up. This Thursday I’m going to be back in San Diego speaking at SemDirector’s (I guess I should now say Covario since they have changed their name) InflectionPoint 2008 Conference.