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Google’s Amit Singhal: Penguin A Success

Early this morning, Google Fellow Amit Singhal was interviewed by Danny Sullivan at Chris Sherman on stage at SMX London, the sister conference of Search Engine Land. Singhal discussed a variety of Google search-related topics. We were hoping to get a some in depth discussion about Google’s recent Penguin update, but apparently that wasn’t a major point of conversation. Daniel …

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Google: Personalized Search Results Are Lifting Clickthrough Rates

Google launched Search Plus Your World earlier this year. Most Google users probably just know it as Google filling their results with a lot more results based on social connections. A lot of users complained about it, but Google appears to consider the whole thing a success (not unlike the Penguin update). Google Fellow Amit Singhal spoke at SMX London …

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Nobody At Google Understands Everything At Google

This morning, Google Fellow Amit Singhal participated in a keynote interview with Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman at SMX London. The whole thing was liveblogged at Search Engine Land, the conference’s sister site. I’ve been picking apart some of the things Singhal talked about throughout the day. Here’s the rest so far: Google’s Amit Singhal: Penguin A Success Want To …

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Want To Tell Google How To Improve? Tell Amit Singhal.

Matt Cutts fields a whole lot of questions about Google. He often offers helpful advice via his blog, comments on other blogs, Twitter, and of course through his Webmaster Help videos, but Google Fellow Amit Singhal is the guy that leads the team that looks at all the messed up search results. Singhal spoke at SMX London this morning, in …

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