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Google PageRank: Sullivan & Cutts discuss nofollow
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PageRank sculpting is a pretty advanced SEO tactic, and it has been widely used by SEO pros since Google’s Matt Cutts described its use on YouTube, giving the strategy the official green light. At SMX Advanced in Seattle, the same harbinger of Google insider information offered a stunning revelation: Google changed the way it handled link structures intended for sculpting.

How to Avoid Google Penalties with AJAX and display:none
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As you may have read about by now, Google’s Matt Cutts participated in a fairly lengthy Q&A session at SMX Advanced in Seattle. One interesting question that Matt got was about how webmasters should deal with display:none and AJAX without being penalized by Google.

Cutts recommends making sure that whenever you write your own mouseover code that you don’t roll your own custom solution, which he says might do some really weird things that nobody else has done before.

Are Those Old Keywords Still Performing?
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WebProNews is of course attending the SMX Advanced conference in Seattle, and Abby Johnson spoke with Christine Churchill, President of KeyRelevance, about the effect the economy has had on keyword usage. Have you noticed differences in keyword trends? Share your experiences here.

Google Talks About the Links-for-Money Spectrum
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In a Q&A session at SMX Advanced in Seattle, Google’s Matt Cutts talked at length about paid links. He was asked several questions about this.

Google recently announced it is now reading javascript and acting upon it. In the past, the advice given out has been if you have paid links, you should either nofollow those paid links or use javascript because Google didn’t read it.

Bing, A Better Way To Search?
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With Bing officially launching today, senior program managers from Microsoft discussed the new decision engine in the session "Bing: A New Approach to Internet Search."

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How Google Handles Google Bowling
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In a Q&A session at SMX Advanced in Seattle, Google’s Matt Cutts was asked the following question:

How does Google look at the issue that I can buy suspect links and point them to my competitor? How does your algorithm track that?

Social Media’s ROI Discussed At SMX
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From the playground to the boardroom, "prove it" is the annoying phrase with which a lot of innovative ideas are met.  However, if you’ve been tasked with proving the value of social media (to either a boss or to yourself), the contents of an SMX Advanced session should help.

Finding Opportunity In Mobile Paid Search!

In the session "Time To Think Seriously About Mobile Paid Search?," the speakers focused on mobile paid search opportunities and strategies for search marketers.

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Tools And Tactics For Professional Tweeting
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Though a large percentage of created Twitter lay dormant—one study found 10 percent do 90 percent of the tweeting—that isn’t stopping aggressive and forward thinking marketers from squeezing every last drop of utility out of it. A pair of the top social media and search marketers in the country think the last thing a marketer should do is take Twitter lying down.

The Art Of Keyword Research
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Finding the right keywords to use leads to good SEO. At SMX Advanced session "Keyword Research Artistry" the panel offered tips on effectively leveraging keywords.

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Google, Yahoo & Microsoft Interviews to Come
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The SMX Advanced conference is coming up next week in Seattle, Washington. It will take place on June 2nd and 3rd, and WebProNews will be there to cover it both days.

SEOMoz Dishes On ‘Give It Up’ Secrets
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Rand Fishkin blogged about the little bits of secrets discussed at a session of the recent SMX Advanced conference; the session centers on some of the tips and tricks that aren’t widely known in search marketing.

Recap Of SMX Advanced ’08

Now that I’m back from SMX advanced and have had a few days to catch up I’ll share my thoughts.

I had some client meeting to take care of, and some interviews and videos to shoot, so I didn’t get to as many sessions as I’d like to but I’ll talk about what I did see.

SMX: Under The Hood Of The Website
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The architecture of one’s site for SEO purposes requires as little as some title tag tweaking, or an overhaul of its wired-in links.

SMX: Site Buys For Great Rankings
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The strategy of purchasing existing websites with strong search rankings for SEO purposes provides an opportunity to boost one’s site in the results pages at Google and beyond.

SMX: Amazin’ Conversion Optimization
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Business owners know the importance of converting visitors to buyers. However, buyers aren’t in a hurry to convert; when they do, it usually means gaining a loyal customer.

SMX: Link Building Techniques
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In the "Blow Your Mind Link Building Techniques" at SMX Advanced in Seattle, Roger Montti, founder and owner of MartiniBuster.com spoke about link building techniques.

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Deciding Which Search Conferences To Attend

One of the questions I get asked frequently is “which search conferences should I attend”. Seeing as conferences end up costing you between $3500-$5000 a pop when you include travel, lodging and meals I thought I’d share my experience.

Eight Conferences In Thirty Days


List Of Conferences I Might Be Attending

Jeremiah Owyang posted recently asking his readers what conferences they would be attending in the coming months and I thought that would be a great question for Online Marketing Blog readers as well.