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China: Smog Chokes Chinese Manchuria, as Overpopulated Asian Giant Burns Coal

Vast areas of China’s north-east were choking in smog on Monday, as the Asian giant grappled with yet another horrendous air pollution crisis threatening millions of lives. Schools and colleges were forced to suspend classes in Chinese Manchuria’s largest cities, including the culturally rich metropolis of Harbin. Road traffic was paralyzed as visibility was drastically compromised, while local airports were …

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China Smog Causes Asthma Attack For Singer, Show Canceled

China is dealing with choking, dangerous smog this week that has already hit levels of 1,000 in some areas; for context, a reading of 300 is considered a health hazard. The air quality has forced school closings and flight cancellations, and one performer had to cancel her show after suffering a respiratory infection and asthma attack. 63-year old jazz singer …

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China: An Efficient Manufacturer Of Pollution

In the 1970’s we started outsourcing production from the United Staes to overseas facilities that could meet production demands faster and cheaper. After over forty years of outsourcing, one thing is clear: Our air and waterways are a lot less polluted. Now shocking news from China says, their air quality is terrible! How could that be? Apparently, China has been …

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