Smiley Articles

25 Years Of The Smiley

What started as a joke on the Carnegie-Mellon University message boards became a fixture in email and instant messages.

Emoting Over Search With Ask.com

Some call them smileys, others refer to them as emoticons, and a lot of people put them in emails, SMS, and instant messages every day; Ask.com can help people figure out what some of the odder ones mean.

ChronoPay Gets Smiley With Finnish Software

European Internet payment service provider ChronoPay, announced a strategic partnership with Finnish software company Smilehouse, agreeing to add the company’s software applications to its line of products available to European clients.

Wal-Mart Tries To Patent The Smiley

Many prognosticators have foreseen a great war–a battle for world domination. These soothsayers have named Wal-Mart, Google, and Starbucks as the most powerful of the behemoths that will be involved. And in a move that is not likely to ensure victory, or even confer an advantage, Wal-Mart is staking out a powerful claim by attempting to patent the humble smiley.

Microsoft Leaks Memo, Plots With Yahoo

Shadowy skullduggery, twilight tete-a-tetes, and disseminated disinformation may have all been part of rumored talks between Yahoo and Microsoft about their online rival, Google.

MSN Spaces Adds Windows Live Expo Content

MSN Spaces has added a Windows Live Expo module, so people can list their Expo items on their Space.

Microsoft Unearths The First Smiley

Love them or hate them, emoticons have been in use for a long time online; younger users may be surprised to find out just how long that’s been.

Solar Sail Launches Today

Interest in the Cosmos-1 solar sail mission grows dramatically in the hours before its liftoff.