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Getting More Out Of Marketing Conferences

Now, more than ever, marketing companies and consultants need to get competitive for client dollars and what better way than advancing your knowledge and your network?

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Principles of Productivity and Operations Management for Small and Mid-size Business

For this article, I selected a sector that has not been covered by authors and could hardly be found in books for Operations Management. I find this topic’s importance and significance to the global economy, and the Western, in particular, very high.

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SME Server Software Raid Failure, Grub 0x10 error

An SME customer called this morning saying that his system had apparently stopped working (web pages and mail were unavailable) and therefore he had rebooted.

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SME Server Local Networks and VPN’s

The SME Server (formerly E-Smith) normally rejects attempt to send mail outside of its own domain if you are connecting from somewhere other than the local lan. This is correct behaviour; otherwise anyone could use your server as a mail relay and you’d become an inadvertent spammer rather quickly.

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Kerio Mail Server

The Kerio Mail Server is a cross platform ( Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX) mail server. I tested it on RedHat Linux 8.

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SME Server (E-Smith) Mail Forwarding, Lists, Etc.

The Mitel Networks SME Server (formerly E-Smith)is a friendly web server and e-mail gateway. The original E-Smith is now called Mitel SME Server V5. There is also a hardware/software bundle referred to as the Mitel 6000 Managed Application Server. Here we cover forwarding email to another mail account and mailing lists.

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SME Server V5 Virtual Domains

The Mitel Networks SME Server (formerly E-Smith) is a friendly web server and e-mail gateway. Here we cover creating a virtual domain and giving a user or users ftp access to it.

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Understanding IPTABLES


Packet filtering is something I’ve always hard a hard time getting my head around. Not the basics; that’s easy
enough. It’s just the incredible level of detail, the difficulty of keeping it all in your head at once.

And then, of course, there are all the different flavors: ipfw, ipfilters, ipchains, and now iptables. It gets more
than a little confusing, and I’ve never taken the time for more than a cursory look at any of them.

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