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No Hands-Free Devices For Drivers Idea Fails To Win Public Support

There are plenty of things that a driver can do to distract him/herself to a dangerous degree – texting, disciplining children, drinking beer, eating a meatball sub, etc. And while most people can agree that first thing on that list, texting, is a pretty unsafe rush hour activity, Americans are unsure about new regulations proposed by the National Transportation Safety …

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Self-Healing iPhone Case: The Clumsy/Angry Smartphone User’s Dream

If you’re as haphazard with your iPhone as I am, it probably didn’t take you very long to figure out that a nice, solid case was in your best interest. And it probably wasn’t very long before that case was dinged up, nicked, scratched and gouged to pieces from repeated contact with walls and floors (both intentional and unintentional, of …

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Zeeblio Makes It Absurdly Easy To Format Your Website For Mobile Devices

As more and more people use their smartphones for computery purposes, it’s become increasingly important for webmasters to make sure that their webpages don’t turn into to complete mess. Small fonts, poor organization, frames that don’t stay aligned – what looks good on your computer monitor may turn into to complete rubbish on your smartphone. However, if you built your …

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Nest Learning Thermostat Brings The Cool At CES 2012

Amid the barrage of technological wonders sure to stream out of CES this week, one device that deserves your attention (especially if winter ever belatedly arrives) is the Nest Learning Thermostat, the thermostat that learns from your dwelling habits. In spite of my yearning to make Hal 9000 jokes about a thermostat that learns from people’s habits and then takes …

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Hi-Def, Smartphones, et al Rule Our Lives!

Lorraine Baines: Our first television set. Dad just picked it up today. Do you have a television? Marty McFly: Well, yeah! You know we have… two of them. Milton Baines: Wow! You must be rich! Stella Baines: Oh, honey, he’s teasing you. Nobody has two television sets. According to a new report released by the Nielsen people (who peek in …

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iPhone 4S Launching In China January 13th

Just a few weeks after the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology gave the iPhone 4S their approval early last month, the newest Apple handset is set to arrive in China late next week. Apple has announced that the 4S will be available in China on January 13th, just ten days before the Chinese New Year. Reports indicate that …

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Are iPhones Becoming Uncool?

Is the iPhone really becoming uncool? Or is it just incredibly popular these days to say that the iPhone is uncool? Investors Business Daily is now another member in a growing group predicting the imminent demise of the Apple smartphone. The reasoning is simple: they say the iPhone is losing its cool factor. IBD published a New Year’s predictions list, …

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TextSecure App For Android Is Now Open Source

Following the discovery of Carrier IQ, the devious app that stealthily collects data on smartphone users, putting a little more priority on security is worth considering. After all, you never know who is watching so you should probably assume that lots of prying parties are watching. If you’re a user of an Android device, you can at least take back …

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Google Gets Better At Crawling Smartphone Content

Google announced some improvements for how it indexes smartphone content in mobile search. Googlebot-Mobile will now crawl with a smartphone user-agent in addition to its previous feature phone user-agents. This, the company says, will allow it to increase its coverage of smartphone content, which means a better search experience for smartphone users. “The content crawled by smartphone Googlebot-Mobile will be …

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Nokia’s Limited Edition ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Phone

As the viral campaigns for next summer’s Dark Knight Rises heats up — did you see the teaser poster? — perhaps the most desirable tie-in has been unveiled, although, by “most desirable,” I mean “hardest to acquire.” You see, Nokia’s TDKR tie-in phone will only be available on a limited basis. Incredibly limited, to be exact. According to The Verge, …

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Man Shot By Mother-In-Law, Records It All On His iPhone

It’s unfortunate for wonderful, loving, sane mothers-in-law that some off-balanced nutjobs have to go any perpetuate the whole “crazy mother-in-law” joke. Truly, a shame. What’s not a shame for 39-year-old Salvatore Miglino of Boca Raton is that his iPhone might just be the key witness in a crime reportedly borne of familial bickering. According to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, …

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Galaxy Nexus Release Date Delayed By Verizon

What’s new, you might ask? As the official U.S. release date still hangs in confirmation limbo, Verizon sources have told CNET that the Galaxy Nexus has once again been delayed by Verizon. Earlier this week we heard rumors that the Ice Cream Sandwich-enabled smartphone would land in the U.S. on Friday, December 9th. Those leaked documents were from an “authorized …

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Tech-Savvy Shoppers Turn to Apps to Save on Holiday Shopping

PriceGrabber published the results of a holiday shopping survey today. The company surveyed 3,574 online shoppers in late October about their holiday shopping plans. Of those who responded, 35% did not own a smartphone, while 26% owned smartphones but did not have shopping apps on them. The remaining 39% have smartphones with shopping apps already installed. Of all those who …

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Senator Al Franken Challenges Carrier IQ

Privacy in relation to mobile technology is a touchy subject. Whether it’s Apple’s location data blow up or the latest controversy involving Carrier IQ and its hidden mobile device rootkit, issues of security still loom over the entire industry. To give you a better idea, when the FCC announced its net neutrality requirements, some Internet watchdog groups made note of …

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Malls Planning to Track Smartphones During Black Friday?

Location data, and the privacy issues related to the subject are a touchy subject, especially among those who value their privacy. With that in mind, would you go shopping on the day after Thanksgiving if you knew the store(s) you visited were tracking your smartphone after you left? Furthermore, if this kind of tracking did go on, is this not …

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Galaxy Nexus Release Date: December, Says Samsung

It looks like the hopes of a stateside November release of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus are fading fast. Samsung has confirmed to Business Insider that the Galaxy Nexus will not launch until December on the Verizon network. The specific day in December as well as the exact pricing were not revealed during that confirmation. When the Galaxy Nexus was announced …

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Galaxy Nexus Release Date: December 8th, According To Leaks

UPDATE: Samsung has confirmed a December release. For Android-happy folks in the United States, it probably feels like their Ice Cream Sandwich is melting. Last Thursday, the much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy Nexus launched in the UK (exclusively at retailer Phones4u), and patient customers stateside have let to even receive official word on when they will be able to get their hands …

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iPhone 4S: Fast On AT&T, Reliable On Verizon

The iPhone 4S, launched in October and has been a success for Apple. It completely shattered opening weekend sales records and continues to experience high demand as it is launched in more and more locations. And the sales of the iPhone 4S have been good for all carriers that offer the device – AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint, who made the …

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Free Galaxy Nexus Offered Via @GoogleNexus Twitter Challenge

While some lucky Android fans have already gotten their hands on the brand new Samsung Galaxy Nexus with all that yummy Ice Cream Sandwichy goodness, folks here in the States are still waiting for an official release date. While you wait on that announcement, you might as well try to win a free one. The Google Nexus Twitter account (@googlenexus) …

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Amazon Phone On The Way, According To Report

On the heels of the release of the new Kindle Fire, Amazon’s first attempt at a true tablet device, it looks like the company is already thinking about heading in the direction of smartphones. According to a note from Citigroup analyst Mark Mahaney, we could see an Amazon smartphone hit the market as soon as Q4 2012. Here’s a quote …

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Galaxy Nexus Launches In UK, Release Date In The States Still Unofficial

Today, the wait for the much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy Nexus is over for a lucky few. The phones officially go on sale today in the UK. The Galaxy Nexus was announced for November 17th a couple of weeks ago, and although some carriers are going to miss the date by just a little bit, there is one place that anxious Brits …

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Porn Company Vivid Threatens Legal Action Over HTC’s New Smartphone

The brand new HTC Vivid smartphone boasts a dual-core processor, a 4.5 inch super LCD display and 4G LTE. And according to a high-profile porn producer, it’s a trademark violation. Vivid Entertainment Group, the U.S. porn studio that brought you the Kim Kardashian sex tape, has sent a cease a desist letter to HTC. It claims that their new phone …

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Super Batteries Use Silicon, Tiny Holes To Improve Life, Recharge Time

Batteries are on everybody’s mind these days. As smart devices evolve to perform more complex actions, the batteries that power those devices must hold up their end of the deal and provide sufficient charge time. Battery issues have plagued the newest release of the most popular smartphone in the world: the iPhone 4S. Will the lithium-ion batteries of the future …

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Galaxy Nexus Release Date: November 21st, Online Only?

Today, one much-anticipated Android phone is hitting the shelves – the Droid RAZR. But some people are still holding out for the Ice Cream Sandwich-loaded brand new offering from Samsung, the Galaxy Nexus. The release date has been officially announced for the folks in the UK. Users overseas will be able to get their hands on the device on Thursday, …

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Sexting Linked To Depression, Suicide

Research that has just been released by the Education Development Center in Massachusetts is linking sexting to some pretty serious psychological problems. The study, which sampled 23,000 students in the Boston area, found that “sexting can include overtones of bullying and coercion, and teens who are involved were more likely to report being psychologically distressed, depressed or even suicidal.” In …

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Buy Modern Warfare 3, Get a Free Smartphone

In an effort to promote their mobile offerings, Best Buy is launching a deal surrounding the imminent release of the highly-anticipated Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Best Buy will be giving away an HTC smartphone to anyone who purchases the game, given that you do the whole contract thing. So if contracts aren’t your thing, this isn’t the deal …

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Galaxy Nexus Release Date: Black Friday At The Earliest?

A leaked Verizon marketing roadmap has given us a tentative time frame for the release of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus – the long awaited Google phone that will be the first to run the brand new Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS. According to the document, the initial marketing push for the Galaxy Nexus is set to begin on Black Friday, …

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Phones With Flexible Screens Coming Next Year, Says Samsung

At Samsung’s earnings call, the company announced intentions to introduce phones with flexible displays as early as 2012. “The flexible display, we are looking to introduce sometime in 2012, hopefully the earlier part,” said spokesman Robert Yi during an earnings call. “The application probably will start from the handset side.” He went on to say that the flexible screens would …

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iPhone 4S Comes To 22 More Countries

Although the iPhone 4S has been available in the States for two weeks, it’s just now arriving in many European countries as well as a couple of other locations like Mexico and Singapore. Today, Apple’s “best iPhone yet” hits the shelves in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, …

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Galaxy Nexus Release Date Set For November 16th in the UK?

Hungry for when you might be able to get your hands on the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus with all of the delicious Ice Cream Sandwich goodness? Some information spotted on the web might give us a clue. UK smartphone retailer Phones4u has listed a delivery date for the device on their site. According to this, it looks like folks (in …

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Droid RAZR Release Date Early November, World’s Thinnest LTE Smartphone

It’s a good time for people needing a new smartphone, as a couple of high-profile devices are dropping around the same timeframe. Last week, the new iPhone 4S went on sale and current projections show that it has done pretty well. If you’re looking to go the Android route, Samsung is about to unveil the next Google phone, the Galaxy …

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iPhone 5 Rumor: Release Date October 15th Says Telecom CEO

That October release date speculation for the iPhone 5 has just received a bit more corroboration, and this new rumor even gives us a specific date. According to France Telecom CEO Stephane Richard, the iPhone 5 will launch on October 15th. France Telecom is the top telecommunications company in France and the third largest in all of Europe. Originally quoted …

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40% of Mobile Users Use Smartphones, 40% of Them Use Android [US]

Nielsen released a new report today indicating that 40% of mobile users in the U.S. own smartphones and 40% of those are Android devices. That’s consumers over the age of 18. iOS devices, the firm reports, are in second place with 28%. “Among those who say they are likely to get a new smartphone in the next year, approximately one …

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Does Everybody Own a Mobile Phone?

If home computing ever does truly die, the culprit is an obvious choice. The mobile phone. While I’m one to believe that home computing hasn’t so much died, it’s just that most homes that want computers, be it Mac or PC, have them, and so, when it’s time to purchase that next gadget, the mobile device industry gets the attention, …

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Your iPhone Apps Are Leaving You Vulnerable To Identity Theft

It’s always something when it comes to mobile devices, privacy and security. Along with geo-tracking and the fear that your phones might be logging your every move, you can add this tech-worry to your list of concerns: Your smartphone apps are really bad at storing your sensitive data. According to a mobile app security study by viaForensics, “there is a …

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Sex, Showers, Chocolate, or Smartphones?

Smartphones have made the transition from luxury to necessity. Think about what we rely on our smart devices for – phones calls, text messages, calendar, social media, games, web browsing, the weather, camera, maps…the list is endless. What would the average American be willing to sacrifice to keep their phone? Quite a lot, according to a survey by TeleNav. One-third …

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Virtual Supermarket: Would You Grocery Shop With Your Smartphone?

What would you say to shopping at a virtual grocery store, using only a smartphone and two dimensional images of the available items? Would that be enough to make you stop going to actual supermarkets or does the tactile experience of actually selecting your groceries, followed by standing in a checkout line appeal to you? Granted, it’s the age-old argument …

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Infographic: Smartphone App Numbers

[X]cube Labs has put together an interesting infogrpahic looking at Smarthpone apps across platforms, and how they perform in terms of number of apps, downloads per day, developer revenue share, submission fees, etc. The graphic should not only be of interest to developers, but to business owners looking to boost their mobile presence. Last week, Google released results from a …

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Google Looks at Purchasing Habits of Smartphone Users

Google released some interesting stats this week about the purchasing habits of smartphone users, or more specifically, smartphone searchers. This is in the US only, but the study looks at how smartphones are used on a daily basis, how people are multitasking, the typical searches made from smartphones, how users are using devices to help make their purchase decisions, and …

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Mobile Device Security Threats at All Time High

As smartphone and tablet use rises steadily, people may not be fully aware of the security risks for those devices. Enterprise and consumer devices are confronted with a record number of security threats, according to a new study by Juniper Networks. For years, the main focus on protection has been the computer. But according to the study, hackers and malware …

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20 Percent of Job Searchers Use Smartphones to Look for Jobs

According to data released by the vertical search engine for jobs called LinkUp, 20 percent of job seekers use their smartphone to look for jobs. LinkUp reported that mobile traffic jumped to 20.8% of overall first quarter traffic, up from 1.1% the same period a year ago. LinkUp is a job search engine indexing only jobs that are found on …

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Google Reports Widespread Smartphone Use

You probably already know that people are using their smartphones quite frequently and for a growing number of activities.  Some figures have put the ownership of smartphones at 50% for people between the ages of 18-34. It is a bit surprising to see, however, the massive scope of which users are tapping their smartphones for help with shopping. Google has …

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AT&T’s LG Thrive Announced

GoPhones no longer need be DumbPhones, according to AT&T and LG. AT&T has just announced the LG Thrive, their first smartphone that doesn’t require a contract. The phone will run on the Android 2.2 platform and be available for purchase on April 17th. The LG Thrive will have a 600MHz processor, full-touch display and a 3.2 MP camera. It will …

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Android OS Market Share to Near 50% by 2012

In figures released today, technological researchers Gartner predict that by the end of 2012 almost half of all smartphones purchased worldwide will run on Android OS. Gartner projects that 2011 sales of smartphones worldwide will jump 57.7% from 2010, topping out at a whopping 468 millions phones. Both the predictions of total smartphone growth and of Android’s dominance mirror a …

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Large Screen Phones Preferred by More Consumers

It doesn’t seem like too long ago when tiny phones were all the rage.  They were all touted as lightweight and super thin – and the closer to the size of a Zippo, the better.  Well, according to a new study by market researchers NPD Group, it looks at though Americans have switched their priorities.  Big phones are in. Screens, …

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Verizon iPhone 4 Gets Called Out By Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports blasted the iPhone 4 when it first came out for AT&T, citing reception problems. You may recall Apple’s "antennagate" scandal, where it gave away free bumpers to make up for the issue. Now, Consumer Reports is making a similar case for Verizon’s incarnation of the iPhone 4.

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Report: iOS Grew Faster Than Android in January

Millennial Media released its Mobile Mix report for January, looking at trends for connected devices, mobile manufacturers, operating systems, and apps. "Last month we saw significant OS and Manufacturer growth on our network," a representative for the firm tells WebProNews. "iOS outpaced all other operating systems experiencing a 47% increase month-over-month. HTC claimed the number two spot on our Top Manufacturers ranking and is quickly closing the gap with Apple for the top manufacturer spot."

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Smartphones Driving Mobile Media Consumption

Smartphones aggressively saturated the mobile market in 2010, driving an increase in mobile media consumption by users worldwide, according to a new report from comScore.

“2010 was a game-changing year for the mobile industry,” said Mark Donovan, comScore senior vice president of mobile. “Smartphone adoption, 3G penetration and unlimited data plans drove a surge of mobile media consumption across geographies and deepened the integration of mobile devices into everyday life.”

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Nokia Names New North American President

Nokia said today it has named Chris Weber as President of Nokia (US), and head of Markets, North America.

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Nokia and Microsoft Partner To Create “Third” Smartphone Horse

Nokia and Microsoft announced a strategic partnership for creating a new mobile ecosystem presumably aimed at taking on Apple, Android, RIM, and HP, though Nokia CEO Stephen Elop says it’s now a "three-horse race." 

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Report Names Android World’s Leading Smartphone Platform

Android is now the leading smartphone platform according to Canalys, which just published its Q4 2010 report on the subject. Shipments of smartphones with Google’s mobile operating system reached 32.9 million. 

The fourth quarter saw 101.2 million smart phone shipments in all, representing an in crease of 89% year-over-year.

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Mobile Market Up In Q4 Driven By Smartphones

The global mobile phone market grew 17.9 percent in the fourth quarter of 2010, a new quarterly high driven by smartphones, according to a new report from IDC.

Vendors shipped 401.4 million units in Q4 compared to 340.5 million units in Q4 of 2009. Vendors shipped a total of 1.39 billion units on a cumulative worldwide basis in 2010, up 18.5% from the 1.17 billion units shipped in 2009.

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Mobile Email Usage Sees Significant Growth

In November 2010, the number of U.S. visitors to web-based email sites decreased 6 percent compared to the previous year, while email engagement declined at a greater rate, according to a new report from comScore.

During the same time period, the number of users accessing email via their mobile devices grew by 36 percent.

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Will Apps Unravel the World Wide Web?

The title we went with on this article may come off as a bit sensational, but some pretty high profile web veterans might not think so. 

Speaking at Bristol University in the UK, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, had some less than positive things to say this week about the direction the web is taking – the app direction. As quoted by

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Mobile Broadband Users To Reach 1 Billion This Year

Mobile broadband subscriptions surpassed the half a billion mark globally in 2010 and are on track to double before this year ends, according to a new report from Ericsson.

The greatest number of mobile broadband subscriptions, around 400 million, is expected to be in the Asia Pacific region, followed by North America and Western Europe with more than 200 million subscriptions each.


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Massive Smartphone Growth Predicted For 2011

A whole lot of smartphones – and in particular, Android phones – are going to find their way into new owners’ hands next year, according to one expert.  Seth Weintraub recently predicted that 500 million smartphones might sell, with Google’s mobile operating system accounting for a lot of the purchases.

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Global Smartphone Market Makes Big Gains

The global smartphone market reached a new milestone in the third quarter of 2010 (Q32010), with the top vendors posting significant growth, according to a new report from IDC.

Smartphone vendors shipped a total of 81.1 million units, up 89.5 percent from the 42.8 million units shipped during Q309. For the first three quarters of 2010, vendors have shipped a total of 200.6 million units, up 67.6% from the 119.6 million units shipped during the first three quarters of 2009.

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RIM: Customers Tired of Being Told What to Think by Apple

Apple and Google have become known for taking shots at one another during announcements and presentations. We talked about this at length here. However, Google’s not the only target of Steve Jobs these days. BlackBerry maker RIM was on the receiving end of some other harsh comments from Apple’s CEO this week when the company reported its financial results for the last quarter. 

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Will Windows Phone 7 Be A Success?

Microsoft showed off its new Windows Phone 7 devices this week. There are a lot of questions about how Microsoft will perform in the smartphone space, though they’re clearly up to the challenge. Microsoft’s success in this space also has big implications for the company’s performance in the search market, which means search marketers should keep an eye on this.

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The First Windows Phone 7 Smartphones

Microsoft unveiled 9 new Windows Phone 7 smartphones that will be available for the holidays in various parts of the world. Microsoft has partnerships with AT&T, T-Mobile, Telus, O2, Orange, SFR, Movistar, Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, SingTel, and Telstra that will produce smartphone availability in the very near future. 

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Android Continues to Demand Marketers’ Attention at a Growing Pace

Earlier this year, we asked which would be more critical to marketing between the iPhone and Android. While not everyone agreed, many of you thought Android. We’ve gotta say, it’s not looking like this assumption is wrong so far. 

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Google Updates Its Finance For Smartphones Site

Google said today it has made a number of improvements to its finance for smartphones site it launched in August.

Google Finance for smartphones users can now view mutual funds’ prices, and stats by entering the ticker into the search box.

Smartphone users can can also view wider stock charts by turning their phone on its side for a landscape view.


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Report: Android Continues Market Share Growth

Millennial Media has released its Mobile Marketing Mix report for the month of August. Among its findings are continued Android growth, as well as significant iPad growth. The firm points to the following as the highlights:


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Apple Tops In Smartphone Satisfaction

The average amount of time people keep their cell phone has increased by 17 percent from 2009, according to a new study from J.D. Power and Associates.

 People are keeping their mobile devices for an average of 20.5 months, which is the longest period off time since the study began in 1999, when the average was 17.3 months. The current level of ownership does differ by brand, with the highest ownership at an average of 27.8 months, and the lowest at 17.5 months.

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Why Nokia’s New Smartphones Mean Good Things for Marketers

As reported earlier, Nokia has announced a new family of smartphones powered by the Symbian platform. The Nokia E7, C7 and C6 join the previously announced N8. 

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Nokia Unveils New Family of Smartphones

Nokia has announced a new family of smartphones powered by the new Symbian platform. The devices are integrated with enhanced Ovi services and apps. They are the Nokia E7, the Nokia C7 and the Nokia C6. 

The latest version of Symbian comes with over 250 new features such as HDMI support, multiple personalized home screens, multipoint touch, multitasking and "turbo charged" graphics.

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Another Report Has Android Moving Up Quickly

Mobile ad network Millennial Media released its latest Mobile Mix report this morning. Android is now officially the number 2 OS on Millennial’s network. The Android OS grew another 47% month-over-month. Since January, Android has grown 690%. Android surpassed RIM as the number 2 OS on the network.

Apple ad requests increased 24% month-over-month, but are actually down 15% since January. iPad ad requests grew 327% month-over-month, however.

Here are the top manufacturers and devices:

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Chad Ochocinco Wants to Get Rid of Farmville

Fast Company has an interview with none other than Chad Ochocinco, receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals who makes as much of an impact on online pop culture as he does on the football field (perhaps more so). He wants to get rid of Farmville.

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Consumer Reports Recommends Numerous Android Devices

While Apple may have dominated the headlines with iPads and iPhones, 2010 has been a pretty good year for Android. Now Consumer Reports is recommending a variety of Android devices.

Android Headlines points to September’s issue of Consumer Reports, which ranks smartphones. Eight different ones made the "Recommend List" including:

– Motorola Droid
– HTC Droid Incredible
– HTC Droid Eris

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RIM Announces BlackBerry Curve 3G

Research in Motion (RIM) announced its latest smartphone today, the BlackBerry Curve 3G. The plan for the device appears to be to win over non-smartphone users.

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Google Android Partners See Big Growth In Second Quarter

The global smartphone market grew 50 percent year over year in the second quarter of 2010 (2Q10), driven in part by makers of smartphones powered by Google’s Android operating system, according to a new report by IDC.

Smartphone vendors shipped a total of 63 million units in 2Q10, compared to 41.9 million units in the same period one year ago. For the first half of 2010, vendors shipped a total of 118.3 million units, up 54 percent from the 76.8 million units shipped during the first half of 2009.

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IBM Looks Into Accessible Mobile Interfaces, Google Giving up on Wave?

IBM has partnered with the Industrial Design Centre at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay on mobile web research. The initiative will focus on development of new designs of mobile device interfaces that can be used by people who are semiliterate or illiterate, as well as individuals who have limited or no access to information technology.

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Report: Android on 1 in 3 U.S. Smartphones Sold

The NPD Group has released a new smartphone report, finding that Motorola and HTC have driven Android to the lead in the U.S. Android is installed on one in three smartphones sold, according to the group.

Meanwhile, for the first time since 2007, RIM has slid to the number 2 position, as Android took the lead.

While Android accounted for 33% of all smartphones purchased in Q2, RIM accounted for 28%. Apple came in third at 22% with the launch of the iPhone 4.

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RIM, AT&T Introduce BlackBerry Torch and BlackBerry 6

Today, Research in Motion (RIM) and AT&T launched the BlackBerry Torch, the first smartphone to feature the new BlackBerry 6, which was also unleashed today.

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Android Shipments Off the Charts

The smartphone market grew by 64% during the second quarter by Canalys‘ calculations. BlackBerry shipments grew by 41% and Apple’s share grew by 61% thanks to the iPhone 4’s release. However, it is Android that is getting the most attention from this report. According to Canalys, Android shipments grew by 886%.

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Worldwide Mobile Phone Demand Gains Significantly (Not Just Smartphones)

The International Data Corporation (IDC) has released its Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker study, which finds a 14.5% increase in mobile phone demand, as the market fragments.

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Motorola Announces Second Quarter Sales of $5.4 Billion

Motorola announced its Q2 financial results today. These include sales of $5.4 billion. The company shipped 2.7 million smartphones during the quarter, but mobile device sales were down 6% from the previous year.

Other highlights include:

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More Smartphone Owners Using Local Search And Social Networking

More people are increasingly using their smartphones for local search, social networking and gaming, according to a new survey from Compete.

Nearly one in three smartphone owners has called or stopped into a local business after finding it using a local search application. In the first quarter, close to a third of Android and iPhone users found at least two new businesses that they previously were not aware after using local search applications.

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HP’s Acquisition of Palm is Complete

Update: The acquisition is now complete. See releases from HP and Palm.

Original Article (04/28): Hewlett-Packard just announced its intent to buy Palm for $1.2 Billion at $5.70 per share. The transaction has already been approved by the HP and Palm boards of directors.

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Google’s AdMob Reflects on 2 Years of Mobile Evolution

AdMob released its Mobile Metrics report for May, which focuses on changes in the mobile market over the course of two years. Unsurprisingly, a lot has changed. While AdMob’s network traffic itself has grown a lot in that time, the company says there continues to be strong regional differences with devices used to access the mobile web.

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Smartphones Continue to Threaten GPS Device Usage

comScore has released some numbers about smartphone and feature phone browser and app usage, as it relates to map access and mobile navigation in the U.S. These numbers are based on a study, which found  14% of mobile users in the U.S. accessed maps on their devices in April, as the mobile map audience reached 33.5 million users, a 44% increase from last year.

More mobile users are also now accessing maps via apps as opposed to the browser, the study found.

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Smartphones Driving Mobile Recovery

The global mobile phone market grew 21.7 percent in the first quarter of 2010, a strong rebound over the first quarter of 2009, according to the latest report from IDC.

Vendors shipped 294.9 million units in the first quarter of 2010 compared to 242.4 million units a year earlier.

Smartphones and a recovering traditional mobile phone category helped the market avoid a repeat of Q109, when the market dove 16.6 percent during the recession.

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Touch Screen Mobile Phones Lead To Higher Satisfaction

Overall satisfaction among smartphone and traditional handset owners whose phones feature touch screens is significantly higher than owners that don’t have touch screens, according to a new report from J.D. Power and Associates.

Among smartphone owners that have a touch screen, satisfaction averages 771 on a 1,000-point scale, nearly 40 points higher than among those whose smartphone features other input methods.  Currently just over half of owners indicate their smartphone has a touch screen for navigation.

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UK Leads Europe In Smartphone Adoption

Smartphone adoption in the EU5 (U.K., France, Germany, Spain, Italy) has grown 32 percent compared to a year ago to 51.6 million subscribers, according to a new report from comScore.

Growth can bee seen across the range of monthly subscription fees, but the mid to low tier is growing faster that high tier subscriptions in each of the EU5 markets.

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T-Mobile Customers Bigger on Stocks, Bill Pay?

Last week, we saw some interesting findings from AdMob about smartphone usage. Now Compete has shared some of its own findings with WebProNews. The firm recently conducted a Smartphone Intelligence Survey.

About 47% of T-Mobile smartphone users use their phones to find local branches and ATMs, while 45% of AT&T users and 36% of Sprint users reported doing this (see chart #1 for data).

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T-Mobile Ranks Highest In Customer Satisfaction

As more wireless users switch to smartphones, many retailers are readjusting their mobile strategies to address the needs of these users, according to a new study by J.D. Power and Associates.

The semiannual report analyzed evaluations from customers who recently had an in-store wireless retail sales experience. Overall customer satisfaction with major wireless carrier-branded stores is based on four factors. In order of importance, they are: sales staff (49%); price and promotion (27%); store facility (14%); and display (10%).

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Which Smartphones Emit The Most Radiation?

Motorola Droid, BlackBerry Bold 9700, LG Chocolate Touch and HTC Nexus One are pushing the limits of radiofrequency radiation safety limits set by the Federal Communications Commission, according to a new report from the Environmental Working Group (EWG).

The EWG says the ads and good ratings for those smartphones do not reveal they are some of the highest radiation emitters among the phones currently on the market.

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Blockbuster Partners With T-Mobile On Movie Download Service

Blockbuster is trying to make some gains in the mobile space by being the exclusive movie download service for T-Mobile’s upcoming HTC HD2 smartphone.

"Available exclusively from T-Mobile, the HTC HD2 is like putting Blockbuster in your pocket," said Kevin Lewis, senior vice president of digital entertainment at Blockbuster.

"T-Mobile and HTC have a long history of partnering to deliver innovative, cutting-edge products – and we’re glad to provide customers the latest way to enjoy entertainment from Blockbuster."

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Verizon Adds Skype Calls To Smartphones

Verizon Wireless has partnered with Skype on a Skype mobile application that will launch on smartphones in March.

The move makes Verizon the first major U.S. carrier to offer Skype to its mobile users. The Skype mobile app is for smartphone users who have a data plan with Verizon.

Initially, Skype mobile will be available on smartphones with data plans including the BlackBerry Storm 9530, Storm 2, Curve, Droid by Motorola, Droid Eris by HTC and Motorola Devour.

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Use QR Code to Increase Traffic and Sales

QR (or Quick Response) code is not a new technology. Actually it’s been around for sixteen years or so, but the ever-increasing popularity of smartphones and their support of QR-code-reading apps is making use of the codes more popular than ever. It’s a very easy way to attract the attention of a potential customer with a scannable (often curiosity-inducing) link to your website or latest promotion. There’s something about a QR code that makes smartphone users want to scan them.

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5 Reasons Why The iPad Fails To Impress

On January 27th Steve Jobs unveiled Apples latest “it” product, the iPad. Essentially the iPad “fills the gap” in between smartphones and laptops. One question remains to be answered, is there a need for a device to bridge the gap in between the two technologies? We’re not sure yet, but there is one thing we know, the iPad has some issues… below are 5 of the most glaring.

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Will Apple and Google Have Some Real Smartphone Competition?

Back in November, Sony Ericsson announced its new smartphone the Xperia X10. It has been much anticipated by mobile enthusiasts, and is expected to give other popular phones (like the iPhone) some interesting competition.

At the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Sony Ericsson was of course demonstrating this device, and WebProNews dropped by the company’s booth to check it out first-hand. Check that out in the following clip.

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Consumer Electronic Sales To Top $165 Billion In 2010

The consumer electronics (CE) industry is set to generate more than $165 billion in U.S. shipment revenues this year, a slight increase from 2009, according to the semi-annual industry forecast released by the Consumer Electronics Association.

CEA President and CEO Gary Shapiro announced the forecast in his opening remarks at the 2010 International CES technology trade show.

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Smartphone Owners Frustrated By Poor Mobile Site Functionality

Smartphone owners are more comfortable making purchases from their handsets, but poor mobile site functionality is still a frustration for many, according to a new survey by Compete. 

While m-commerce is set for strong growth in 2010, consumers are still more likely to abandon mobile purchasing on sites that are not optimized for the on-the-go experience, similar to shopping cart abandonment in the early days of ecommerce.

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November Showed Significant Growth for Android

AdMob, which is in the process of being acquired by Google (regulators are still eyeing the deal), has released its Novemeber Mobile Metrics report. The themes for this one are that the Launch of new devices drove Android growth and the rise of smartphones resulted in a sharp increase in WiFi usage.

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Smartphones Driving Non-Voice Communications

The increase in mobile device usage for non-voice communications, such as text messages, email and Internet access is being driven primarily by the popularity of smartphones, according to a new study by BIA/Kelsey.

BIA/Kelsey’s Mobile Market View study, found 18.5 percent of consumers searched the Internet for products or services in their local areas, up from 15.6 percent in 2008, and 16.7 percent visited a social network such as MySpace or Facebook, up from 9.6 percent in 2008.

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Smartphone Sales Up 12% In Q3

Global mobile phone sales reached 308.9 million units in the third quarter of 2009, a slight increase of 0.1 percent from the third quarter of 2008, according to a new report from Gartner.

Smartphone sales showed solid growth with more than 41 million units sold for a 12.8 percent increase from the same period last year.

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Dell To Launch Android-Based Smartphone

Dell said today it plans to introduce smartphones based on Google’s Android platform in Brazil and China.

The company said it plans to sell its new Mini 3 smartphones through China Mobile, the largest telecommunications firm in the world with more than 500 million customers, and Claro, which has more than 42 million customers in Brazil as part of the America Movil network.

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Buy A Blackberry From Walmart Get A $100 Gift Card

Walmart has introduced yet another holiday promotion, this time the retailer is offering a $100 gift card with the purchase of any Blackberry device, both in stores and online.


Staring Saturday, November 14 at 8 am through November 20, shoppers will receive a $100 Walmart Gift Card with the purchase of Blackberry devices with a two-year contract.

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Google Launches Custom Search For Smartphones

Google has launched Custom Search for smartphones. This means that if you own a site and add a Google Custom Search box to it, it will format search results to fit the screens of supported mobile devices.

The following devices are supported:

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