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Investing in Accounting Software: A Smart Business Resolution

With the start of a new year, most of us make some resolutions about how we want to improve our businesses or ourselves. Maybe we want to cut our overhead so we can take home more profit. Maybe we want to make next year’s tax season less of a stressful burden than this year’s. Maybe we just want to streamline our responsibilities so that we have more time to enjoy our success and to work on building it even higher. The way to make any of those resolutions happen for you is to start using accounting software in your small or home-based business.

Five Smart, Effective Ways to Boost Website Profits

You’ve probably heard the saying, “work smarter, not harder!” — well, there’s truth in that saying and you can use it to increase the profits from your website:

Marketing Mistakes You’d Be Smart to Avoid

1. Resting on your laurels.

Just because you have what you think is a good marketing plan in place today doesn’t mean it’ll be right tomorrow. The pace today is accelerated and you can’t afford to coast. Research constantly what your competition is doing. Surf the Internet!

Build Link Popularity The Smart Way

As webmasters research various ways to get more traffic to their site one method that is gaining more and more publicity is Link Popularity. Link Popularity is the number of links that point to your website as measured by the search engines. In theory if your site has many sites linking to it then it is considered to be a valuable resource on the particular topic so the search engines will give it a higher ranking.

Website Marketing Mistakes Smart People Make

You have invested your time and money into putting up your website. Your prospective customers are out there somewhere and you want to make aware of your site, what you offer and why they would want to visit.

Smart Design, an Explanation

As many of you already know designing your own website can seem easy with all the programs & tools available to us today. A quick surf of the web will show you many examples of what is produced when the inexperienced experiment with the complicated task of designing a website. Sometimes I shake my head & think what were they thinking? Can they really think that looks good?

Using Smart Tags to Link Excel Data in Word

If you want to link Excel worksheet data within a Word document, you can use the Paste Options smart tag button to ensure that formatting changes made to the object in your document are not lost when the object in the source file is updated.

PR Is Just Smart Business

The name of the game is doing our part to achieve manage- ment’s objectives. And public relations best practice – properly applied – does just that.

Online Auctions: Play it smart

Online auctions are a terrific way to save money, or make an extra buck. According to a 2002 Newsweek article, more than 50 million people buy and sell on eBay, not counting the millions that buy and sell via other auction venues. This is beneficial for both buyers and sellers, but any online venture is bound to have pitfalls. Online auctions are basically an honors system type of business.

Corel Smart Graphics Studio Uses SVG for Graphical Applications Development.

Corelhas announced the availability of the Corel Smart Graphics Studio development platform, “designed to speed and simplify the creation of SVG-based smart graphics.

Savvy Tax Professional Uses Smart Marketing to Immediately Profit

How would you like to add thousands of dollars in immediate profit plus gain a steady stream of new customers to your professional practice? The profit strategy described below works well for most small businesses and especially professional practices such as accountants, doctors, consultants, etc

Smart PR for your small business

Paul opens his favorite business magazine to find a fawning interview with Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. Then he picks up the morning paper and reads a long story on a new donut chain being built in his town.

Custom Smart Tags In IE

You may have noticed that several keywords on the EggHeadCafe website get converted to links (like XML for example) after the initial page loads. We refer to these as custom Smart Tags. Of course, we really don’t use Microsoft’s Smart Tag technology. We utilize JavaScript and IE behaviors to dynamically convert the keywords to links. One of the major challenges we faced with creating this process was not disturbing existing form elements and links. No small task…

10 Smart Ways To Elevate Your Sales!

1. Allow your visitors to reprint the content on your web site. Just ask them in exchange to include your resource box and a link to your site.

Protecting your site from Theft and Poaching : Combating Smart Tag and TOPtext technology

Several respected publishers; jl scott of iCop in the WHISTLE BLOWER mailto:WhistleBlower-on@m… Boogie Jack in Almost A Newsletter http://www.boogiejack.com and Armando in F.B.C.N. http://www.emailexchange.org/ — have all mentioned these gruesome visitor stealing technologies, this week and quite rightly, ranted about the injustices.

3 Smart Scheduling Secrets

1. DON’T OVERBOOK. There is a fine art to setting up an effective schedule, so that it is just full enough of the most useful activ- ities. Too full and you’re liable to exhaust yourself. Too loose and you’re wasting precious time that can be used to work towards your goals.

Smart Agents

Your personal, online agent is busily completing tasks while you sleep. Is it a dream or reality?

While the technology exists to help you find online information, is there enough intelligent processing available to create a truly personal agent? Can these “smart tools” really get to know you well enough to make decisions for you? Let’s take a look…

If You Teach Me, I Will Go…

Super Sponsor vs. Smart Sponsor

The road to failure in MLM is paved with…Super Sponsors!

It’s hard to keep your senses when you’ve met Super Sponsor. She’s so enthusiastic, and ready to “tear this business up,” with you by her side!