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Effective Meetings Have SMART Goals

The first step in planning an agenda is to identify the goals for the meeting. Properly done, goals have five S M A R T characteristics. They are:

Nokia Gets Smart

To help satiate the 007 in all of us, Nokia’s MOD gives us a tour of their new N Series multimedia handsets.

Adsense Smart Pricing Explained

A few days ago I attempted to explain Adsense Ad Click Value Variations (or why sometimes clicks are worth a lot and other times they are not).

When It Comes to Tagging, You’re It

BusinessWeek takes a good look at tagging (sometimes called folksonomies) from an interesting perspective – the threat they pose to search engines…

WebSourced Acquires Smart Interactive

WebSourced today announced our continued growth and expansion will take us further and deeper into Europe.

Walt Mossberg Comes Out Against Google Autolink

Walt Mossberg weighs in on Google Autolink in tomorrow’s paper (WSJ.com subscription required). Basically his stance is consistent …

Differentiation — Smart Marketing Strategies for the Solo Entrepreneur

Are you ever frustrated or hesitant when you talk to prospective customers because you can’t readily explain why they should come to you rather than go to your competitors?

Smart Tag Creator Behind Google’s New Autolink Feature

Robert Scoble left a comment on my last post that Jeff Reynar at Google is behind the Google Toolbar’s controversial …

Google Gets Away With What Microsoft Couldn’t

Google today launched a new version of its toolbar that employs a new feature called Autolink that turns non-linked content on Web sites into hotlinks back to Google properties and other sites.

Microsoft Announces Affordable Smart Phone

Microsoft continued their embrace of the mobile technology with the announcement of the Peabody mobile phone system.

Managers Enable Happiness and Productivity

Among the latest batch of new manifestos available yesterday from ChangeThis is this great one …

Smart Apple

From a BBC News report today by BBC North America business correspondent Stephen Evans on what is it about Apple and its products that inspires such near-religious devotion from users …

Improvements to Google Adwords Content Network Yields Results

Just had an interesting conversation with Mike Mayzel of Google, about the changes they made to their contextual ad network over the past 12 months.

Some Technical Strategies for Enhancing Smart Devices

The expectations of users are becoming increasingly high. They expect user friendly interfaces. They expect the ability to connect your devices to their systems.

Text::Autoformat: Smart Text Reformatting with Perl

I’ve been using http://groups-beta.google.com/ for Newsgroup posting for a while now. It’s convenient for me because of my nomadic life style where I have different ISP’s and often different machines with varying OSes. Google only needs a browser, and they aren’t overly fussy about that, either.

Connecting Smart Devices on the Internet

The idea that by the year 200x there will be more smart devices on the Internet than people has become widely accepted. You can already see it if you look at the most integrated manufacturing facilities. Everything from the factory floor up is being connected using web technologies. If connecting a smart device can create substantial customer value and you do not do it, your competitors will. So the questions in many cases is not should I do it, but how should I do it?

Working Hard at Smart Things

“Don’t work harder, work smarter.”

If someone tells you that, watch your pocket-book-they are likely about to ask you for a lot of money for the magic “smarts” that will earn you millions.

AskJeeves Expands Smart Search To Include Current Movies

The AskJeeves search engine contains a function called smart search. Smart search was designed by Jeeves to offer detailed, relevant information included in search engine responses. AskJeeves has expanded this option to include current movies.

Search Engine Optimization Vs Search Engine Submission
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Search engine optimization and search engine submission have been a vital part of doing business online for several years now, but they are still shrouded in myth and confusion. It’s our goal here at eTrafficJams.com to clear the fog and help you get higher rankings, more traffic and better sales figures for your online company.

How Search Engines Teach Users To Search
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I recently had a conversation about search with my sister, who’s a college librarian. It was interesting to (for once) think about search outside of its marketing potential. She told me about about students who type in natural language search queries (sometimes simply typing in the name of their class or assignment title) and dreamed of a search engine that will understand exactly what searchers are looking for.

Smart Pricing Changes AdSense Payouts
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In all the Gmail flurry last week Google sent around an email to their AdSense providers alerting them to a potential change in payouts known as “Smart Pricing.”