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Ask Feeds You Hurricanes

Ask.com has provided some updates to its Smart Answer service, making some additions to deliver information about hurricanes and tropical storms to users of the search engine.

eBay Launches Web Smart Guide For Safety

According to a recent survey, a lot of Australians feel the online world is becoming a safer place to shop – 76 percent, to be exact.

DVD and TV Info Added to Ask.com

I’ve lost count of all the cool Smart Answers that Ask.com has rolled-out over the past couple of years, but they’ve just added DVD and TV data to the list.

Smart Social Networks – Defined and Compared

As I’ve seen more and more social networks launch, there definitely seemed to be an evolution happening.

Ask For A Smart RSS Answer
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Ask.com now displays RSS Smart Answers for web searches on the names of popular blogs or news sources; the three latest posts from a site’s RSS feed will appear atop the Ask search results.

Internet Phones Smart For Home Or Business

If you haven’t heard already, there’s a revolution underway in terms of how people make phone calls. Of course, the strong possibility that perhaps neither you nor anyone you know is participating in this revolution may speak to its (in)effectiveness. Still, the telephone is being modernized, with the promise of worldwide free calls just visible on the horizon. The technology is known as VoIP.

Link Building And Dangerous Heights
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Verticals may be the place to be for a particular business, but Eric Ward warned attendees at a WebmasterWorld PubCon Boston session to beware of flying too close to the Sun.

Lame, But Lame

In a post entitled “Lame, But Smart,” Nick Carr writes:

The Era of Me2Me Communications

Richard Edelman has a really smart byline up about what he calls the Me2 Revolution.

Get Smart About How You Manage Your Content

Bringing more science to content management is in no way dumbing down. Rather, it is about getting smart.

Blogofy Prototype Smart News Reader Debuts

Here’s another RSS reader I saw in my server logs – it’s called Blogofy.

Blinkx, Times Online UK Offer Desktop Search

The PC desktop search utility gets another entrant to the field, as video search company Blinkx has partnered with the Times Online to present the Desktop Smart Search service.

Ask Jeeves Offers Katrina Smart Answer Section

As it’s been mentioned here many times since Hurricane Katrina struck last week, the search engine industry has been most supportive of the relief efforts related to the natural disaster.

MS Desktop Search Gets Smart

Information overload is driving everybody to offer ways of organizing the blog explosion and constant news generation. Adding to the recent deluge of better ways to keep news junkies from being buried in bookmarks, is Viapoint’s Microsoft Desktop Search adapter. The adapter creates virtual folders to aid in organizing files, emails, news and blog content.

Getting The Kinks Out of Links

Links to and from your site can make a big difference in your business. The “Buying and Selling Links” session gave a lot of great information with an informative Q&A session at the end. The chairs were full and the crowd was quiet at the masters of SEO bequeathed their wisdom to eager students.

Smart Companies Stimulate Disruptive Thinking

How do large companies continue to innovate and respond rapidly to new opportunities as if they were start-ups, asks the Financial Times?

Smart Parking Meters – City Life Worsens

I was reading a piece from CNet reporter Michelle Meyers on smart parking meters that monitor your parking space and when you leave they reset the counter to zero.

Smart Passports Gain On Philips Deal

The Dutch electronics firm will provide the wireless chips needed to produce smart passports in Germany.

Neuromarketing: Smart Marketing Or Jedi Mind Control Trick?
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In the international bestseller “Blink,” Malcolm Gladwell explains why our decisions to choose brands, select a mate, sue our doctor or make choices that decide Presidential elections, aren’t as simple as they seem.

Microsoft Postmaster Educates ISPs On Spam

As the Federal Trade Commission implores the world’s ISPs to help stop spam zombies, the software maker launches a new web site to help users with the spam issue.

Your Hired! Book Smart Kendra Wins Apprentice

Donald Trump hired 26 year old real estate entrepreneur Kendra in tonights Apprentice finale.