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Smart Thermostats: Honeywell Announces the Lyric Thermostat

The smart thermostat business has held promise for quite a while now, with even companies such as Google investing heavily in the technology. Now one of the most popular thermostat makers in the world has entered its own smart thermostat into the running. Honeywell has announced its new Lyric thermostat, a smart thermostat with programmable capabilities. The device is being …

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Home Energy Management Market to Take Off

As technology and connectivity improves, more and more commonplace items and appliances are becoming connected. The eventuality of this trend is what tech market watchers call the “internet of things,” a term meant to convey our lives when nearly every part of them are connected in some way. One of the earliest manifestations of this tech will be smart homes …

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Smart Thermostats to Become Billion-Dollar Market

There was quite a bit of confusion surrounding Google’s recent acquisition of smart thermostat company Nest. As usual, privacy concerns about Google “spying” on people in their own homes were brought up, but an even larger question was what exactly an internet advertising company wants with a thermostat startup. A new report on smart thermostats could shed light on what …

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