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Smart Car Tipping Continues In San Francisco, Pranksters At Large

The police reported more incidents of smart car tipping in Twin Peaks and Cole Valley in San Francisco. The latest incidents happened at 3:41 am and 5:38 am on Friday. Around two months ago, there were also reports of smart car tipping in Bernal Heights. Three smart cars were turned to their sides by pranksters. Authorities say that the act …

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Smart Car Tipping Nearly Global Now

Smart cars are gas sippers, and some models don’t use gas at all. They are really good for the environment, comparatively speaking, and are all the rage among skinny folks. While the name may seem to be self-explanatory, there is actually a story behind it. Long story short, the car’s history is tied up with both Mercedes and Swatch, the …

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Smart Car Tipping Started in Amsterdam

If you have ever been in traffic near a Smart car, you know how nervous they can make you. It’s almost like a bicycle or even a pedestrian. They zip along, passing cars when they can, acting like other cars. But you just can’t shake the feeling that you could roll over one like an empty can of Mountain Dew. …

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Smart Car Tipping Prank Investigated in San Francisco

Smart Car owners in San Francisco have to be wondering whether the great mileage their cars get is worth it now that they are finding themselves targets for a prank called “Smart Car tipping.” Similar to cow tipping, vandals are pushing over the lightweight Smart Cars, which can completely total the car. According to SFGate, Smart Car tipping has been …

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