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TailRank, DiggTech, TechMeme and Google Reader

Kevin Burton released a new TailRank. Last week I asked the audience at ConvergeSouth how many people even knew about TechMeme. Very few hands went up.

Intel’s “Living Without Boundaries” Stunt Catches Fire

Last week I posted about the Intel Second Life campaign that were working on with Millions of Us.

Windows Vista Picture Clearing Up

Two stories that have been making the rounds over the weekend:

Progress Made Towards Netflix Prize

A number of people were suspicious when the Netflix Prize was announced. $1 million isn’t much of a reward, some complained, and others believed that it would be difficult to improve upon the site’s movie recommendation algorithm. Now, a little over one week into the contest, three teams have already beaten the existing system.

Trying to be Cool

I’ve noticed an interesting pattern in marketing articles lately: big brands trying to be cool.

Digg Hasn’t Topped The Times Yet

Online research firm Hitwise found that the New York Times had almost 20 times the traffic of Digg for the week ending July 1st, in sharp contrast to blog posts that have Digg drawing closer to the Paper of Record online.

Slashdot Picks Its Redesign

The long-running “news for nerds, stuff that matters” website will undergo a facelift after its editors selected a redesign from a number of submissions.

Google Talk Themes

Ever since the new avatar/themed version of Google Talk came out, people have been creating themes for it, many of them pretty cool. Lets try to run them down.

FORWARD: Lessons from Silicon Valley Journalists

A couple weeks ago, I went to the Silicon Valley PRSA blockbuster lunch and took notes. From these notes, I wrote a post for the FORWARD blog, the student-run Website and blog, for students.

Much Ado About Blogging…

(Scoble, you didn’t answer the question)

Digg is to Slashdot, as Reddit is to Kuro5hin

After very careful consideration, I’ve come to the conclusion that my current understanding of Digg and Reddit can be expressed in the form of an SAT analogy and terms of a pair of “community” sites from the previous generation.

Dig VS Dot – Digg or Slashdot… have em both!

I was skimming Tim O’reilly’s blog aka. the O’reilly Radar and noticed a very small mention to this interesting new app.

Digg Gives Thumbs Up To Comments

An updated comment system for the Digg user-contributed news site offers several new features, including ratings for comments and a three-minute window to edit the comments one makes on a story.

Napster Blames Microsoft For Own Failures

Napster CEO Chris Gorog is blaming Microsoft for his company’s inability to gain market share on Apple. Really?

Um,Doesnt This Patent Have Prior Art?

You know the world has gotten a little nutty when a Microsoft guy complains about a patent, but when Matt May last night at the Podcast Hotel told me a company is trying to patent AJAX, among other things, I was amazed when Matt said this patent looks like it tried to patent AJAX.

Windows Now Top Server OS

Slashdot reports that in 2005 Windows edged out Unix for the first time ever as the top server operating system.

Microsoft To Pick Up Legal Defense Tab For Partners

Microsoft has announced it will expand its protections for device makers who use Windows in embedded products.

Maslow and Branding: Esteem

Yesterday we looked at Security and Connection, the two most foundational needs (above basic survival) on Maslow’s Hierarchy.

Microsoft Wont Release Virus Fix In Time

Microsoft has said that it won’t release an updated version of its Malicious Software Removal Tool until February 14, as was always scheduled, even though that version will contain a fix for the Kama Sutra/Blackworm/MyWife virus, which is set to delete Office documents on February 3.

Newspapers Lobby Against Google News

The World Association of Newspapers is lobbying against Google News, a non revenue-producing search engine that sends tons of traffic their way.

Microsoft To License Windows Source Code

In order to comply with a European antitrust ruling, Microsoft has agreed to license out its Windows source code.