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MicroSocialAds To Slap You In The Facebook
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I’m not saying the idea’s not a good one (I’m not saying it’s not a bad one either, follow?), or that something like this wasn’t destined to arise. Pimping your friends (also called "frimping" apparently) is perhaps the next big online marketing craze.

Privacy Group Slaps Google, Fans Slap Back

The blogosphere erupted over the weekend after Privacy International released a scathing (damning) report declaring Google the worst of the bunch at protecting privacy – well, they used words like "ambivalent" and even "hostile." But critics inside and outside of Google are calling the report unfair and poorly researched.

Edelman Tries PR Microformat

Phil Gomes shares some perspective and insight on Edelman’s approach to the Social Media Press Release.

The Google Slap

In the click arbitrage world, some of the least successful players are complaining about something they call the Google Slap.

Increase Your Marketing Effectiveness: You Slap My Back and I’ll Slap Yours

Want to know how to increase your marketing effectiveness 10 fold…overnight. Let someone else do it for you. Joint ventures, where another business markets your service or introduces you their clients, can help send your marketing to another level.

Step, Jump, and Slap – or how not to advertise an e-book

Do you ever read an ad – one of the hundreds, if not thousands, that land unsolicited in your inbox each week – and think This sounds like a translation from a foreign language’ or even I’m not sure if the person who sent me this ad actually understands a word of it’?