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Skydiver Dies While Attempting World Record

A Berlin-native skydiver was killed Thursday morning in Eloy, Ariz., while attempting to break a world record with 222 fellow skydiving partners. Diana Paris, 46, fell to her death during a free-fall formation with the World Team group-an organization consisting of skydivers from 28 countries. Paris, which previously accomplished 1,500 successful jumps, reportedly died due to malfunctions with her parachute. …

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Skydivers Collision Kills Two Men

As if Skydiving doesn’t seem dangerous enough, add a group of over 200 people in the air at one time. Two experienced jumpers collided on Tuesday in mid-air around 200 feet above ground with their parachutes open. Their parachutes collapsed and then they plummeted to the ground. One died on scene, the other was taken to the hospital and pronounced …

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Sky Diving Accident Caught on Camera (video)

A first time jumper and her instructor were involved in a freak skydiving accident when an updraft shot them 40 feet in the air as they approached landing. The unidentified woman in Collegeville, PA and her instructor at Keystone Skydive Center, Chad Galbraith, were doing a routine tandem skydive, and everything went smoothly. Until they were about thirty feet off …

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