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Skydiver Falls To Death After Parachute Tangles

A 62-year old skydiver fell to his death yesterday in California after he became entangled in his parachute, officials say. Ken Oka of Mira Loma was attempting a multiple-person jump when the parachute got snared; he was unable to free himself midair and fell into a suburban backyard. Local police and the FAA are both conducting investigations; eerily, another 62-year …

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Man Skydives Without a Parachute

You’ve probably seen videos of people skydiving or base jumping using a wingsuit. This allows extreme sports enthusiasts to gain some lift while in free fall, allowing them to fly past obstacles at terminal velocity. It’s amazing to watch. Typically these free-fallers deploy a parachute at the end of their flight. While the wingsuit slows one’s rate of free fall, …

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Sky Diving Accident Caught on Camera (video)

A first time jumper and her instructor were involved in a freak skydiving accident when an updraft shot them 40 feet in the air as they approached landing. The unidentified woman in Collegeville, PA and her instructor at Keystone Skydive Center, Chad Galbraith, were doing a routine tandem skydive, and everything went smoothly. Until they were about thirty feet off …

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