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Skydiver Falls To Death After Parachute Tangles
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A 62-year old skydiver fell to his death yesterday in California after he became entangled in his parachute, officials say. Ken Oka of Mira Loma was attempting a multiple-person jump when the parachute got snared; he was unable to free …

Man Skydives Without a Parachute

You’ve probably seen videos of people skydiving or base jumping using a wingsuit. This allows extreme sports enthusiasts to gain some lift while in free fall, allowing them to fly past obstacles at terminal velocity. It’s amazing to watch. Typically …

Sky Diving Accident Caught on Camera (video)
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A first time jumper and her instructor were involved in a freak skydiving accident when an updraft shot them 40 feet in the air as they approached landing. The unidentified woman in Collegeville, PA and her instructor at Keystone Skydive …