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Shirley Jones Wants To Skydive For Her 80th Birthday

Happy Birthday Shirley Jones! One of America’s favorite matriarchs has been trending on the internet for the past couple of days. No, there aren’t any plans for a Partridge Family reunion tour. Instead, the 80-year-old grandmother of 12 wants to follow in the footsteps of former President George Bush. The Academy Award winning actress has big plans for her milestone …

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World Trade Center BASE Jumpers Arrested

According to ABC News, four men who are accused in the BASE jumping incident at One World Trade Center Freedom Tower back in September of last year have turned themselves in to police. Three of the men, 27-year-old Marko Markovich, 33-year-old Andrew Rossig, and 32-year-old James Brady were accused of the jump itself. Another, 29-year-old Kyle Hartwell, was accused of …

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Sky Diving Accident Caught on Camera (video)

A first time jumper and her instructor were involved in a freak skydiving accident when an updraft shot them 40 feet in the air as they approached landing. The unidentified woman in Collegeville, PA and her instructor at Keystone Skydive Center, Chad Galbraith, were doing a routine tandem skydive, and everything went smoothly. Until they were about thirty feet off …

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Man Skydives From 13 Miles Up

Felix Baumgartner recently made a space jump from 13.6 miles up, on his quest to break the world record. Here is a shot of the insanity: (image) Baumgartner, 42, sponsored by Red Bull, wore a pressurized suit and rode up to his launch point in a capsule called Stratos, on the back of a 100-foot-wide helium balloon. The balloon carried …

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