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Tainted Skittles Results In Hospitalization

A couple of people in Indiana tasted more than the rainbow—and it sent them to an area hospital. The hapless pair ate a package of Skittles that is thought to have included harmful chemical substances. While the exact nature of …

Social Media Marketing Thoughts from the Experts
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Lee OddenBusinessWeek asks if Twitter is the Next Monster.com, which is an interesting question because at PubCon South, Top Rank Marketing‘s Lee Odden referenced a company that bought ads with Monster (and other places like it) but got better results from Twitter.

Skittles Did Taste The Rainbow With Latest Marketing Campaign

Say what you want about the Skittles experiment with social media, the campaign was effective in increasing the rainbow candy’s web site presence.

Skittles – Didn’t Taste The Rainbow On Twitter

The question was asked here yesterday by Joe Hall and there were as many opinions asskittles there are colors in a bag of Skittles but as of this morning the jury is in.

The Twitter Shark Yet to Be Jumped

Update: Add finding lost people to the list.