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SketchUp Leaving Google For Trimble

You may or may not know about Google’s SketchUp program, but it’s the company’s 3D modeling program that’s used by a lot of people. It could be because it has a free version that’s relatively powerful and easy to learn. Google has been the owner of the application for a while now, but it’s time to move on. John Bacus, …

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Google Starting “Make Ideas Real” SketchUp Project

When you think of Google, 3D image modeling isn’t generally the first idea that pops in your head. The search engine giant looks to be changing that with a new project they’re calling “Make Ideas Real“. It’s based around their 3D modeling tool called SketchUp. The premise is simple; they’re going to focus on an online showcase, highlighting works that …

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Google Launches New Major Upgrade to SketchUp

Google has launched a new major version of its 3D modeling tool SketchUp: version 8. This comes ten years after the launch of version 1.

Google says there are over a million people using SketchUp. "That’s a pretty humbling number of 3D model makers," says SketchUp Product Manager John Bacus.

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