SketchUp Leaving Google For Trimble

SketchUp Leaving Google For Trimble

By Zach Walton April 26, 2012 | 1 Comment

You may or may not know about Google’s SketchUp program, but it’s the company’s 3D modeling program that’s used by a lot of people. It could be because it has a free version that’s relatively powerful and easy to learn. …

Google Unveils SketchUp Blog

Google SketchUp enthusiasts, rejoice!  An official blog for SketchUp is now up and running, and if the posts on it are any indication, this will not be one of Google’s sites that sit stagnant for a month (or more) at a time.

Google To Host Global Developer Day

Google is planning on hosting a Google Developer Day on May 31, which will take place in ten countries around the globe. The event will include workshops, keynotes and discussions on Google’s APIs (application programming interfaces) and developer tools.

"We’re very excited to hold this first-ever worldwide Google developer gathering," said Google Vice President of Search Products and User Experience Marissa Mayer.

Google Delves Further Into Home Design

Google’s modeling applications received an upgrade earlier this week; SketchUp 6 (free) and SketchUp Pro 6 (not free) are now available. Most of the new features relate to the software’s 3D capabilities.

Get Google SketchUp for Free

Google has released Google Sketchup, the recently acquired 3D modeling software and making it available for free (except for concerned residents of San Francisco, who don’t like free stuff from Google).

Google Frees SketchUp For Individuals

The professional version of the 3D modeling program still carries a price tag, but a new version released by Google can be had for free.

Google Releases SketchUp For Free

Google has released Google Sketchup, the first Google version of the 3D modeling software they acquired recently, and it is absolutely free.

Sketch.Up gets Googled

@Last Software, parent company of Sketch.Up – 3D software has been acquired by Google.

Google Draws A Check For SketchUp

The maker of 3D creation package SketchUp, @Last Software of Boulder, CO, have been acquired for an undisclosed sum by Google.

Google Acquires SketchUp 3D Software

Google continues is roll-up of cool technologies with news that it has acquired @Last Software, makers of SketchUp.

Sketchup 3D Design Google Earth plug-in

So much news, so much innovation… not sure how I missed this one but on the heels of Google Earth being released for the MAC OS the folks at Sketchup have developed a cool Google earth (gearth) plug-in – recall Sketchup is a CAD program used in 3D design.