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LiveJournal Founder Leaves (Probably For Google)

It sounds like Google just got another important employee, but the search giant didn’t simply pluck him out of an unemployement line; instead, it may have pulled Brad Fitzpatrick away from LiveJournal (which he created) and Six Apart.

SixApart Buys Rojo

Blogging software and services company Six Apart announced today that it acquired Rojo Networks, the web-based news aggregator, for an undisclosed sum. A sale of majority interest in Rojo’s news reader services is expected in the coming months.

A Typepad Moblogging Solution from Sixapart

Always on the look for blogging and moblogging tools and resources for our readers, here’s one that will interest you smart folks who use a symbian S60 device.

SixApart Apologizes For Censorship

What’s the best way to assuage censorship concerns? Throw a temp under the bus. SixApart’s apologies to Tribe.net founder Mark Pincus came swiftly after Pincus made a proper stink about attempted censorship.

SixApart Forgets Censorship Is Bad

Tribe.net founder Mark Pincus went to Harvard Business School, not journalism school. This may have been the primary reason he was unsure if using a person’s full name to recount a sordid history was really a violation of privacy, like Typepad told him.

Angry Moms Stage “Nurse-In” At SixApart

Popular blogging site LiveJournal.com and parent company Six Apart have attracted the ire of breastfeeding bloggers after images of breastfeeding were banned from the site. After a letter campaign, “lactivist” mothers staged a “nurse-in” at the Six Apart San Francisco headquarters on Monday.

MeshForum 2006 – Anil Dash

Anil Dash from SixApart is speaking about blogs. First quote: “How many of you know what a blog is?”

SixApart Acquires Splashblog

The Six Apart logo recently appeared on the SplashBlog website signifying a quiet acquisition (no announcement seems to have been made) of the mobile photoblogging company. The deal may be part of Six Apart’s recently announced plans to launch several new products and services.