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Google Updates Sitemaps
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The webmaster-friendly project started by Google over the summer has its own blog and some new features available for its users.

Google Sitemaps makes a tool available that lets site publishers create a map Google’s spiders can use to more effectively index its content. On the official Google Blog, Grace Kwak posted about some new features in the Sitemaps service.

Bulk Inclusion with Yahoo and Google Sitemaps
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One of the most common problems many large web sites have with rankings is that portions of their web sites are not included in the search engines.

Yahoo Draws Up Free Sitemaps

When Google debuted its Sitemaps to allow for faster spidering, many wondered when Yahoo would do the same.

Google Sitemaps – 7 Benefits You Can’t Ignore

Google Sitemaps enables Webmasters to Directly Alert Google to Changes and Additions on a Website and that’s just one of 7 Benefits.

10 Minutes to Your Google Sitemap…

Google’s calling your name… Hi, Google here. We want to index your website… Is anyone there?

Get Listed In Google By Making An XML SiteMap and Without Spending A Dime
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If you have been unsuccessfully trying to get listed in Google or just hitting roadblocks when trying to get more of your pages listed in Google, then you need to read this short article. I am about to reveal a simple SEO secret that can save you a lot of time, money and effort.

Plug-ins For Google Sitemaps

Google Sitemaps is Google’s new service that allows webmasters to inform Google of updates and alterations made to a site via a segement of XML code placed upon the webserver.

Danny Sullivan Addresses Google Sitemap Ping Concerns
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Since the launch of Google Sitemaps, search engine gurus far and wide have weighed in with their thoughts about Google’s “inclusion” program.

Google Sitemap vs. Ping Servers

Sometimes I’m a little surprised by how long some ideas take to bubble up. Other times I’m surprised by the form they take.

Google Sitemaps To Be An Essential Part of SEO

Jeremy Zawodny makes a point about how there already is a system in place where blogs ping services like Feedster and Technorati which Google Sitemaps could use, instead of its similar XML system.

Google Sitemaps Improves Indexing

A new experiment from Google Labs allows sitemasters with a Google account to request more frequent spidering from the Mountain View-based search engine.

Google Updates Google Information For Webmasters FAQ

Apparently someone at Google feels the various webmasters populating their index needed some attention focused on improving Google’s perceived interaction with this group, and perhaps to demonstrate their commitment to search.

Google Sitemaps Slashdotted

Every so often, even a big guy gets knocked down. Such is the case with Google’s newest tool for webmasters, at least temporarily.

Google Me Quick, Ive Updated My Site

Googlites with web sites get to try out a new tool from the Mountain View home of Google Labs; the tool is called Sitemaps.

Google Sitemaps: RSS For The Entire Website?

Well, not really. But Google Sitemaps does employ XML technology in order to provide its program members the opportunity to have their site crawled after they make updates or alterations.

Sitemaps and Hypertext Links: “Food” for Search Engine Robots

Sitemaps and hypertext links are “food” for search engine robots. We will look at the value of text links for optimal spidering, and the importance of using a sitemap in order to help search engine robots reach your website’s deeper pages.