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10 Most Popular Free Google Apps

Google offers so many useful tools, many of which are absolutely free and sometimes it gets difficult to stay on top of of them.

Helping Google Index your WordPress Blog

If search engine optimization is important to you, you probably already know about Google Sitemaps.

Google Sitemaps For the XML Challenged

Google recently announced a change to their “Sitemaps” program. It went from a protocol meant for Python programmers and XML wizards to a much kinder, gentler (and friendlier to webmasters) program to help get all of your pages crawled and indexed. It’s called “Google Webmaster Central”.

Google XML Sitemaps – The Basics

Google XML Sitemaps have been around for a while now and many webmasters are starting to become familiar with them.

Google Sitemaps Now Webmaster Central

They have renamed the website to Webmaster Central and launched some new tools to help their Sitemaps users get more out of the service.

Google: You Can Say No To ODP

Some website owners would prefer the snippet accompanying their organic listing in Google search to not come from the Open Directory Project.

Matt Cutts Reins In Googlebot

Ahead of Search Engine Strategies 2006 conference in San Jose, Google’s best-known engineer suggested some basic approaches to making a visiting Googlebot behave when it drops by your website.

White Hat Methods for Promoting Your Sitemap/Website

Using a sitemap generator to make a sitemap for your website is a great decision.

SEO With Google Sitemaps
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A Google Sitemap is a very simple XML document that lists all the pages in your website, but the Google Sitemaps program is actually much more important than that.

Search Engine SmackDown!

While the prospect of the seeing the Super Session panel members dressed for Friday Nights on UPN may be a frightening prospect, seeing them at WebmasterWorld’s PubCon Boston and hearing their advice on search provided a better experience for WebProNews editor Mike McDonald.

Google Lunches With Sitemaps At PubCon

Although the Google Sitemaps service itself has been around for a few months, its supporting team tweaks and adds new features on about a monthly basis. Mike McDonald sat in on Google’s sponsored luncheon for some free food with a side of Matt Cutts and Vanessa Fox.

Google Sitemaps Wants Your URLs
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Vanessa Fox, a technical writer for Google’s Sitemaps product, thinks you should be using Sitemaps with your site today. Here’s why.

The Google Sitemaps Trio Of Goodies

Webmasters who use Google Sitemaps to ensure their sites get indexed properly by the search engine now have some new features available to them.

Google Sitemaps :: Are They Or Aren’t They Lucrative SEO Tools?
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Google has had a feature out for some time which allows webmasters to create a sitemap file to help Google’s crawlers find and index content.

Yahoo! Sitemaps: Text or XML Format?

With reference to our previous article: Introducing Yahoo! Sitemaps back in September 2005, I’ve recently received a couple of emails plus heard a few rumours stating that Yahoo! does not recognize a standard text file (e.g. sitemap.txt) containing a list of your site’s URL’s.

Dynamic URL Optimization

Recently I fielded a question about making dynamic urls more search engine friendly.

More AdWords Goodness From Sitemaps

The latest version of Google Sitemaps provides more information for users of the service, as Google looks to drive more usage of the utility among site publishers.

Google, Your Long Tail is Showing

Reuters is reporting that Google is opening up its “advertise on this site” feature to everyone by re-branding it “On-site Advertiser Sign-Up.”

Google Sitemaps Thinks You Own eBay

File this one under “Oops.” A security flaw with Google’s new Sitemaps service has been dug up that allows anyone to “claim ownership” and view statistics for websites if they have improperly set up 404 error pages. Want to see site statistics for AOL, eBay, or About.com? The Sitemaps flaw will get you there, assuming you own them.

PubCon Notes – Las Vegas

Sorry about the lack of posting … I’ve been at PubCon all week … a search engine conference hosted by WebmasterWorld.

Google Adds Optimization Tool

Yesterday at PubCon Las Vegas, Matt Cutts dropped a hint that there would be a new Google service launched. That new service is an SEO tool addition to Google Sitemaps, that will SEO companies cringing as webmasters are given easy guidelines for optimization and error correction.