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Google Analyzes New Webmaster Tools
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Content analysis and Sitemap detail debuted as new features available on Google’s Webmaster Central.

Google Explains Meta Tags
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Search engines pay attention to some tags, and none to others. Remember when the ‘keywords’ meta tag mattered? Ah, the good old days.

SES Chicago: Sitemaps Discussed
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Webmasters can face a number of issues, and may hope that sitemaps can cure the bulk of them. 

So a panel at SES Chicago weighed sitemaps’ pros and cons.

7 Steps to Get Your New Site Indexed in 24 hours
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Most SEO’s will advise you to buy an existing site/domain (lots of age benefit), but there are times when you need to start from scratch with a fresh domain.

It can sometimes take a couple of weeks to get a new domain indexed by Google (even longer to start ranking!). In order to speed up the process of getting your site indexed quickly, even in 24 hours, follow the steps outlined below:

1) Create 5 pages of content

Skip the “under construction” page and write several pages of real content, at least a few paragraphs.

GoDaddy & Google Partner on Webmaster Tools

Go Daddy and Google collaborate to offer easy access to Webmaster Tools, informs the Google Webmaster Central Blog.

Sitemaps Will Submit Sites to Yahoo Site Explorer

Yesterday, Yahoo announced that it’s now easier to submit your site to Yahoo Site Explorer: all you have to do is have a valid sitemap.xml file on your site.

Google Teaches Robots Tool About Sitemaps

The robots.txt analysis tool at Google Webmaster Central received some much-needed updating, and should be more effective for webmasters today.

Great Resource About Sitemaps
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OK, so while working on a project to build a multi-thousand page series of sitemaps for our properties here at work, I found this resource: http://www.sitemaps.org/

The site is good at one thing,and one thing only – sharing information about sitemaps. Many folks today see them as a sort of Holy Grail. A way to magically improve search rankings, and it’s easy to see why.

Get Your Sitemap Discovered Automatically with your Robots.txt File

At Search Engine Strategies New York it was announced that you can now have your sitemap automatically discovered by configuring it in your Robots.txt file. It is simple and easy to do, you’ll just need to know the URL or web address of your sitemap.

SES: Search Supports Sitemaps Autodiscovery

Major search engines Ask, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo jointly announced at SES New York their support of a new feature that makes sitemaps more valuable to webmasters.

Q&A – Google Sitemaps and Frames

Dear Kalena…

I have two sites; One www.alpine-property.com is top of Google rankings for all my chosen keywords, it has no frames, daily updated content and lots of inbound links, so not surprising.

Ten Steps You Missed In Marketing Your Site

A handful (ok, two handfuls) of tactics could separate the lackluster domain from the one that enables its owner to brag about business.

Should SEOs Avoid Sitemaps?
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Rand Fishkin recently posted an interesting concept on his SEOmoz.org blog about sitemaps. For those of you keeping score at home, a sitemap is a document (typically xml) that sits on your server and helps search engine spiders crawl and index your site. Sounds great, right? Maybe… maybe not. Rand theorizes these sitemaps may actually be bad for your SEO efforts.

Madison AdFed Presentation and Resources

Well, I just finished delivering a presentation for the Madison, Wisconsin Advertising Federation.

SEO and Sitemaps

If you follow search engine news you know that the major search engines are fighting tooth and nail for market share.

Microsoft Running Behind?

As we reported last week, Google, Yahoo! and MSN have come together to follow an uniform Sitemaps protocol.

Google Helps News Publishers With Sitemaps

An expressed desire for better indexing from Google News has prompted Google to release a Sitemaps product specifically for those news publishers.

New Sitemaps For Google News

Google has introduced sitemaps for Google News. So if you have a site included in Google News, you can creat and submit News Sitemaps to inform Google about the articles that you wish to be included in Google News.

Google, Yahoo & MSN Supporting Same Sitemaps

Breaking news today that Google, Yahoo and MSN have agreed to a single standard for XML sitemaps, according to Search Engine Watch.

Google, Yahoo & Microsoft Launch Sitemaps.org

Watch the WebProNews exclusive video in which Chris Richardson interviews Tim Mayer of Yahoo and Vanessa Fox of Google. They talk about their new Sitemaps.org partnership.

Yahoo SEO Techniques
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All search engines have their own algorithms to determine the value and, therefore, positioning of websites. While the majority of SEO work tends to concentrate on Google because of the sheer weight of searches they receive it would be foolish to discount or ignore the other major search engines.