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Stop Making It Hard For People To Give You Their Money

Sometimes one has to state the obvious: You’re in business to make money. You make money by convincing lots of people to give you some of their money. Success depends on making this process as painless as possible*.

But many online businesses may be making it too difficult for customers to hand over the cash, which is a bad business practice by any account.

Here’s what people (especially men) are used to:

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Today the BBC unveiled a new look to the BBC News website.

It’s a refreshing update. I visit very few websites these days and BBC News is one of them (it’s actually the home page in my browser).

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SEOs and Designers Need to Work Together

A little while back I did a post titled: SEOs Must Work Closely with Development. The basic thesis of the post was that neither of these parties can work without close communication with each other. Ultimately, this is critical to the success of the site. One reader (named “alla”) wrote in suggesting that this is a 2 way street, and that there are other parties involved.

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MSNBC Adopts Adaptable Homepage

A proper news site is mostly about function; people want information, not artwork.  But appearances play a major role in a site’s appeal and accessibility, and an interesting approach to an MSNBC redesign aims to take all these things into account.

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Ten Ways To Convince Shoppers To Buy Online

On average, online retailers still only convert two to three percent of visitors into buyers. Though people are buying more online than ever before, that number has remained consistent over the last three years.

The three percent conversion average is also consistent across studies by different organizations, according to e-Marketer. That means that 97 percent of shoppers still prefer to buy offline.

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Site Design According To Drost

Website design is as much an art as a science. Still, some there are some guiding principles that will, in just about every case, make for a better site. Herman Drost has compiled a list of 16 of these elements.

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Building A Better Site

Every website wants to draw more visitors. The site’s owner then hopes the visitors will become loyal consumers of whatever it is that’s offered.

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