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Pregnant Nun Surprises Roman Catholic Church
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A 31-year-old El Salvadoran nun has caught the Roman Catholic Church off guard by giving birth to a baby boy. Roxana Rodriguez was rushed to a hospital in Rieti, Italy on Wednesday for severe stomach pains. She eventually had the baby …

Tia And Tamera To End Their Reality Show
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Tia and Tamera first gained attention from fans as young child stars. For those who were watching the Disney channel during the 1990s, most people will probably remember the twins from their memorable roles in the show Sister, Sister. Sister, …

Kaley Cuoco’s Sister on “The Voice”

Kaley Cuoco has been in the news this past week with the big announcement that she is engaged to Ryan Sweeting. But now it is her sister’s time to shine. Briana Cuoco, Kaley’s sister and personal assistant, won over Christina …